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French President Emmanuel Macron French President Emmanuel Macron

Let's not repeat the mistakes of March – Macron on closing EU borders

Written by  Aug 28, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron warned on Friday not to close the borders between EU member states again, believing it was counterproductive and ineffective against the spread of coronavirus.

The day after French authorities expanded the red zones to include large parts of southern France, Macron called for European coordination and joint approaches to local hotspots.

“Closing the borders between the two countries makes no sense when there are hotspots, areas of active circulation as we now call them, which are clearly identified,” he asserted during a visit to a pharmaceutical factory.

Europe has millions of cross-border workers, some of them moving between two unaffected regions in different countries, and it would be “absurd” to limit “everyday life, economic life,” he warned.

Macron said he had discussed the issue with German Chancellor Angela Merkel during her visit to his summer residence in the south of France last week and that he expected the issue to be further worked on in the coming days.

“We will work in the days to come to make progress on this issue,” he said. Adding "Let's not repeat the mistakes of March on this issue. It is counterproductive and, above all, ineffective in fighting the spread of the virus."

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