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Travel Business: How You Can Your Restart Marketing In Post Covid World Pixabay

Travel Business: How You Can Your Restart Marketing In Post Covid World

By  Aug 18, 2020

Since ancient days man has always loved to travel and explore new places. When our forefathers gave up on the nomadic life to settle down in a place, traveling became a source of relaxation. Back then, for many people, it was a luxury.

As the means of transport and communication improved, more people took to traveling, and in the last century, the seeds of the hospitality sector were sown. As mankind progressed, so did the travel industry, and the last couple of decades saw great strides in this field. However, the coronavirus pandemic has brought all of it to a standstill, with the travel and hospitality sector being one of the worst hits.

However, as they say, the night is darkest before the dawn, and with ramped-up digital marketing strategies, some travel businesses will emerge stronger than ever before in a post-pandemic world. Here are some tips that will be of help to you in reinitiating the marketing plans of your travel business.

Think Beyond the Conventional

Typical travel contents involve the marketer coming up with blogs that have some high-resolution pictures top complement the text. However, you need to realize that the average internet user today prefers interesting videos over conventional lines of text. The fact that YouTube has 1.5 million users using the platform every month is a testimony to the same.

In such a situation, an effective way of catching the attention of your target group is by creating quality video content and sharing the same on YouTube, your travel website, your social media pages, and other relevant places. With several editing told available, you can look up a YouTube video editor based on your video editing proficiency level.

Be Consistent in Your Delivery

Preparing a high-quality video is much more time-taking than simply writing a couple of travel blogs. You did not just have to find a theme and film on it, but you need to edit and upload the videos in your channel as well. Although this might seem challenging, understand that it has a much better ROI than any other form of user engagement.

Depending on the scale of your business and the resources that you can spare, decide on how frequently you can create videos, and be consistent with the duration. To simplify the editing, you can use some YouTube intro maker.

In the worst-case situation where despite all the planning, you are unable to find time to create video content, try to repurpose your old videos on landing pages, as guest posts on websites or in social media channels. Remember that while the consistency of posting is important, it is equally important to be consistent in the quality of your travel videos. Having one poorly edited video will undo the years of effort that you have put into building brand credibility for your travel business.



Leverage the Power of User Generated Content

People love showing off photographs from their vacations, and you can leverage this human tendency to get quality advertising content. Try to have a theme under which you run a competition wherein your customers share photos or videos from their trips that you arranged for them.

Create hashtags and incentivize your customers to share genuine details of how you planned the trip as a caption to the photographs. That way, you will be able to reach out to potential customers and give them a first-hand account of your quality of service.

Other ways of utilizing user-generated content for your marketing purpose would include re-sharing your guests’ pictures on social media. However, before you do this, make sure you have the said guest’s consent.

Invest in Your Featured About Video

For travel firms, one of the biggest roadblocks in YouTube marketing is when they think that the quality of the video is sub-par that of industry standards. This may be due to several factors like lack of production experience or equipment, among other things. While it is true that having a higher quality of video content does give your digital marketing a boost, but even in your present scenario, you stand to benefit from YouTube-based video marketing. Click here

Foreign tourists often like to get and the raw and authentic idea of the place they plan to visit. Videos shot in mobile phones suffice for this. If your story has a good flow, decent storytelling, and is shot to keep the aesthetics of the theme intact, you are likely to get the response you want.

If you have the budget for it, you may want to consider investing in a professional travel video as the featured YouTube trailer. If possible, try to have a professional team shoot some unexplored tourist locations. This will help cast a good impression on your potential customers as this is the first thing the featured trailer is the first thing that they will see on visiting your business YouTube page.

Do not Deter from Your Goal

While it is important to get people to view your travel video, the goal of your videos is to get potential customers to book their travel from you so that you can earn the revenue. Do not get obsessed with the number of subscribers of your channel or the views of a video. This will cause you to run behind subscribers and likes and deter you from your goal of engaging with your target group.

To make sure that your videos are reaching the correct audience, engage in relevant Facebook groups. Also, when a person registers on your website or starts following your social media page, send them a thank you email. Include links to a couple of relevant travel videos as such people.

Thus, you see that knowing how to edit videos for YouTube might help in your digital marketing, but it cannot be the only factor that will determine your online success. As the world gears up for a post coronavirus scene, as a travel business, you need to restart your marketing strategy on a clean slate. We hope that the tips discussed in this article were of help to you in this new start.



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