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Starting A New Business? Don't Miss Going Online!!

By  Aug 18, 2020

Every new business is a risk taken that can turn the investment into big profits or painful loss. But that's the adventure of being a business owner that you don't know what will be served on the table. All you can do is to put your efforts in without a stop and keep thriving for the big numbers.

Starting a new business in today's time can reap happy results if you have something unique to serve. People say that quality is the key to keep the customers, but it comes only after you have gained the attention of the mass. There are numerous brands competing for different types of products and services, and the new one can only survive by serving something different or the same thing in a different and engaging way.

Apart from being unique, what is important for a new business today is its online presence. And not giving it a try is considered as a preoperative loss.

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What does it mean by going online?

It's the year 2020 and the world today runs over the internet. By bringing your business online means having your business name spread over the internet in many ways. Setting up accounts under your brand name on different platforms, having a website, and tying-up with online merchants.

Why Go Online?

With easy and affordable access to the internet and with 45.15% of the world's population having a smartphone, the internet has become a virtual market with lots and lots of potential to boost your business. There is no limit of marketing reach for your business if you choose to go online, and your brand can be recognized in foreign countries too. Apart from the reach, taking your business online gives you free advertisement. By using proper and relatable tags on social media and good use of keywords in your website's content, you can reach your target market. Whether you are planning to open a retail shop or a business with self-production or providing services, Online is the dimension that you can't miss to have in your plan.

Some Online Platforms and How You Can Use Them For Your Business

Website - If you are producing goods or wants to provide services, then having a website is great. Always try to make your brand name your domain with .com extension. Long and unrelatable domains will reap nothing good. Apart from that, design, content, graphics, and navigation should be both creative and effective.

Facebook - World's biggest social networking site. Facebook has over 2.6 billion active monthly users. It means that your business can reach 2.6 billion every month. You can create a business page on Facebook and grow your reach by posting relatable content. You can post about your business and products in groups related to your business niche.

Instagram - Instagram, the picture-sharing social networking platform owned by Facebook, has around 2 billion users worldwide and is getting popular day by day. You can set up your brand's account on Instagram and can post pictures of your products or graphically represented services. The key to success here is posting quality pictures and videos using trending and related hashtags. For example: if you are starting an online bakery business in any area, say Bangalore, and want to promote cake delivery in Bangalore then you can use #CakeInBangalore or #cakedelivery.

Twitter - Tweeting has become a part of daily routine as Twitter has made its way to the people. Well, promoting a business is not the whole point of setting up an account on Twitter. But it's like making your brand's image by showing concerns over what's going on in the world. Twitter has around 275 million monthly active users worldwide.

YouTube - Youtube has shaped the careers of many people around the globe and also helped businesses to grow and earn. You can post video tutorials related to your products and services, can share video reviews of the customers, and can interact with your target audience through engaging videos. Posting unique and worthy content will give you more customers, and by monetizing your channel, you can also earn money.

If you face issues while setting up accounts, then you can go online to read guides and show tutorials. Getting online with a new business is just like expanding your chances of turning a small investment into big profits, and that's what business thrives for!

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