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Airbnb tightens Covid-19 regulations for party houses

By  Aug 15, 2020

Due to the pandemic, one of the largest platforms for private renters, Airbnb, is introducing stricter restrictions for those under 25 who rent entire houses for parties.

Under-25s in the UK, France and Spain will no longer be able to rent a complete house through Airbnb to reduce the number of illicit parties with large numbers of young people and to increase safety from infection.

Airbnb found itself in trouble last year after numerous neighbours of houses rented through that platform, protested at unrestrained parties, and with the coronavirus pandemic, concerns only grew.

That is why they have already introduced a ban on renting complete homes for people under 25 in the UK, France and Spain, especially those with less than three positive ratings. Those who do not have any negative comments or those with long-term plans will not be subject to the ban.

It is also possible that the ban will be extended to other countries. Their intention is to protect the local population, said Airbnb in a statement.

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