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Top Used RV Buying Tips

By  Jun 22, 2020

By following these used RV buying tips you are sure to make a great investment in the future recreation fun for the whole family. The secret is to take your time get the information you need to make an informed decision on your RV purchase. Many will say get educated first and do your research on all the options then decide on the facts not just on what a salesman tells you.

Best RV Buying Tips Will Guide You

The best place to begin is to set a budget for your family. Start with all the basics. Fuel costs, RV Insurance, storage, RV park fees and maintenance costs. You will need to be very realistic with the costs. Recreational Vehicle price ranges very on the class RV you decide on. If you’re the large family Class A type in the uses class the price range can be almost anything you can think of. Used Class A RVs for sale can run from about $29,000 into the millions of dollars depending on the size and the options installed.
To start with size does matter. What are your families requirements when it comes to space needed to accommodate them? If they are cramped their activities will be very limited. Too much space is just throwing your money away. Sleeping quarters for family members and guests for as few as three or as many as you need, will determine the size required.

Begin your research online once you have a size and type in mind. RV websites offering free information are all over. Most of the RV dealerships have websites with lots of great information. Don’t be afraid to search in other states for what you want. You would be surprised at the special packages RV dealerships have to accommodate RV buyers. Many will offer to provide for your travel to their site so you can drive the new or used RV home.

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Used RV Buying Tips

Price guidelines are a subject you must be on top of at all times to insure you are getting a fair price. NADA can provide a good baseline price range and it is the publication most often used. Armed with the NADA numbers a little research online with some price comparisons to verify the price ranges of some of the models will keep you up to date.

The buyer inspection is very important for both new and used RVs to insure everything is serviceable and in good working order. If unsure hire an RV inspection service or a very good mechanic that has RV knowledge. New will include Factory Warranties used can get extended warranties. But get all the details up front like where the RV needs to go for service and just what it covers.

Before purchasing a used recreational vehicle, have it checked out fully by a professional mechanic who has a specialty in RVs. If you decide to finance through a bank or lender, the lender may require this inspection before granting you financing.

One of the Biggest Used RV Buying Tips

All families should consider renting the RV of their choice before buying. Used RV Buying tips will help with the big investment in the family’s future and it is best to try and RV on for size first to be sure it is going to meet the family needs. There are many high quality companies across the country that will rent you and RV. The top listed are Cruise America and Freedom Roads plus there are many others to choose from.

Many used RVs carry warranties that can be transferred to new owners. Make sure you have all the details first. Is it transferable and what does it cover and for how long. You may like the idea of an RV service plan or extended warranty program. Many times they can save some costly repairs that may be needed unexpectedly.

If you live in an area with more than one RV dealer carrying the model you want visit them both and let them compete for your business. You can bargain your way in to some great deals using this method. Buying an RV, Boat or Car always required some wheeling and dealing to get a good price so keep the salesman on his toes.

Remember these Used RV Buying Tips

The price is a lot more appealing because there is no depreciation. The first owner paid this for you. Used more often than not happen to be well cared for with all the new bugs worked out already. Bugs and the standard water leaks and electrical problems bad connections and shorts that come with any new RV. Are you considering buying a used RV? Used RV buying tips will save you from having to work them all out yourself.


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