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What is a Class C Motor Home

By  Jun 22, 2020

Referred to as a mini-motor home a Class C RV is a smaller version of the larger motor home. It has all the same conveniences as in the larger models. The Class C Recreational Vehicle is built on the standard Van chassis of the heavier duty class ¾ to 1 ton versions. The cab section is kept and the RV section is added on.

The Class C comes in 20 to 28 foot in length and range $38,000 to $68,000. The Class C has many of the same amenities as the larger motor home some with more luxuries than others. You just find them a little more scaled down from the Class A motor home.

Retirees find the Class C perfect in size and not quite as expensive to buy and operate as the Class A. They have a nice functional living space in just a smaller motor home.

he work very well for both extended stays and weekend getaways. They have extra bunk over the cab and the main bedroom is located in rear it adds a little more in sleeping arrangements then the Class A. This makes them a little more flexible for larger families.


The Class C RV will sleep 6 to 8 people and some of the newer models now have the slide-outs for the sleeping and dining areas.

Driving a Class C RV is more like driving a normal size vehicle kind of feels like driving a Van. The dually provides a little more solid driving experience with a chassis that is a little more heavy duty.

They still come loaded with plenty of value and luxury the floor plans are roomy and make RVing a pleasure. You will find plenty of storage comfortable furnishings and prices that are affordable.

Another nice option you can get with the Class C RV is you can get them diesel powered. Diesel costs more but you more than make up for the cost with much better mileage. Not to mention the diesel engine will last 3 to 4 times longer than a gas burner. The extra power that the diesel has makes pulling the extra weight make life a lot easier also.


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