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How to start a travel blog

By  Jun 11, 2020

A blog is a website created by developers to allow users to share and discuss their opinions on a given topic. A travel blog is a website where users discuss and share their experiences and find other issues in traveling. You can create an online travel blog to let other readers comment about what they have encountered during travel, where they go, why they love traveling, among other reasons. If you want to know more about quality writing, visit

Pick a name

When you pick a name, it will be a domain name or a website name. A correct domain name should follow specific rules.
The domain name should be able to last longer.
Your blog name should be relevant even in the years to come and not defined by your current situation.
Use unique names that other people have not used, i.e., to avoid obvious words.
Your blog name should vividly define what you do.
The blog name must be short to a maximum of 3-4 words.
Your blog name must be simple so that it does not confuse people who are reading your blog.

Sign up for a host

A host is a computer that is powering your website. You pay these hosting companies to power or host your site, and they provide SSL certificates to show that your website is secure. The best hosting companies include; HostGator and BlueHost. When you visit your hosting company, you find elementary steps to show how to sign up for a host. The longer you purchase your hosting for the much cheaper it is.

Install WordPress

WordPress is like the engine of your website as it runs the website. WordPress is a blogging tool designed by developers to help people blog easily, manage their content, and an open-source application and offers free web publishing.

Set up your Website

Click on, use your username and password to log in. There are the best plugins you can add to your site which include; Akismet, which helps you to reduce the number of junk mails from spammers in your inbox. Sometimes these junks and spam emails are annoying, but here is a better way of stopping them.
Yoast SEO to customize the way your posts appear on social media helps create sitemaps to be read by search engines. SEOs prove to be more helpful, especially when other people search for your content by typing a keyword related to your topic.

Install your theme

Besides good content, a blog needs a good design to enhance your website's visual appearance, thus either attracting more people or turning them away. For example, you can get free themes at or premium themes that you pay to get. Premium themes are unique. StudioPress offers the best themes that are SEO friendly, cool, and a bit sleeker. For a customized logo, freelancers on Upwork and 99designs provide the best choices.

Create your main pages

A page lives separately from a blog, and its content is static. Blog posts get buried, depending on how more often you write, thus becoming a post. But a page forever appears on top of a website where the main URL is making it easily noticeable. There are basic pages you should create which include; 

About page to explain about yourself and the contents of your blog and helps your viewers know who you are and what you offer.

Contact page in case anyone needs to reach out to you. At times your viewers want to talk to you in person for consultations.

Privacy page It informs your readers of the applicable rules and laws on your site.

Copyright page to show people that this is your original work and not stolen. A more significant number of bloggers copy and paste content from other sites and other people's posts. 

Join a blogging course Joining a blogging course is an optional part but is essential as it gives detailed knowledge to help beginners grow and eventually monetize their websites.


Your blog must be very appealing and eye-catching to attract a more significant part of internet users. Always stick to the content of a particular blog you are handling.


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