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The dishes you simply must try when visiting Dubrovnik

By  The Dubrovnik Times Jun 09, 2020

Croatia’s reputation for their cuisine is finally getting the recognition it has long deserved, with Dubrovnik being one particular region that has been highlighted as one of the most tasty! Overall, though, Croatian cuisine has a lot to offer, but when it comes to Dubrovnik, it has to be one of the best.

A number of locals and tourists can be seen basking in the summer sun, with their feet up, eating some delicious, locally caught seafood and playing a game or two, be it practicing the top roulette games or perfecting their brain teaser challenges. Essentially, few places rival Dubrovnik when it comes to the whole package of food, scenery, history and an all-round relaxing experience. It’s exactly why the city is growing in terms of its reputation and people from all around the globe are flocking there.

Food is the focus of today’s article, though. You simply can’t ignore it when assessing Dubrovnik’s selling points. So, we thought we’d go through some of the best dishes well worth trying when you’re in Dubrovnik.

Crni rižot or Black Risotto

People understandably tend to associate risotto with Italy, but Dubrovnik has put its own stamp on it. A hugely popular dish in the city and considered by many as a typical Dalmatian dish, Crni rižot is an appetiser packed with a great deal of freshness and flavour. The dish is black due to the squid ink present in it, but it doesn’t just solely contain squid. The squid tends to be accompanied by other shellfish such as clams and mussels and is best enjoyed with a delicious glass of white wine.

A sumptuous seafood platter

Seafood might not be everyone’s thing, but a platter is always a word which tends to raise a smile or two. You can’t really go wrong with one, but especially a seafood platter from Dubrovnik. Seafood is the most common delicacy in the region and has an excellent reputation due to the Adriatic Sea and the fact it’s so clean. Grilled fish is certainly done well in the city, which is exactly why a seafood platter simply had to be included on the list.

Mušule na buzaru (Stewed mussels)

The French are known for their famous dish of moules marinière, but Croatians have their own version of it. Not only is it simple, but it doesn’t just contain mussels either. A variety of shellfish can be included, including shrimps, scampi, mussels or clams, and they are cooked in white wine, garlic, parsley and breadcrumbs. Tomato paste is occasionally added for colour, too. If you’re after a fresh taste of the sea, then you can’t really go wrong with Mušule na buzaru.

Fresh Oysters

Many places around the globe claim to have the best oysters and Dubrovnik is no different, except the locals have an incredibly strong case as to why. The oysters caught come from the seabed of Mali Ston Bay and have been cultivated since ancient times, with their plumpness and overall quality hailed alongside their deliciousness. If oysters are your thing, then you simply must try Dubrovnik’s version of them. They’re easily one of the best.


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Zelena Menestra

Zelena Menestra or The Green Stew as it is also known by, is a traditional dish dated back to 1480. Not only is it a dish which is rich in flavour, but it’s also rich in terms of its history, with its origins traced back to the Konavle region. Containing varieties of cabbage, potato and meat, it’s a dish you simply can’t get anywhere else in the world.

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