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Tips For Choosing The Best Golf Breaks This Summer Pixabay

Tips For Choosing The Best Golf Breaks This Summer

Written by  The Dubrovnik Times May 24, 2020

One of the most popular sporting activities in the United Kingdom is golf. With almost 2000 golf courses within England, the United Kingdom is considered the perfect destination for a golf break. By taking a golf break, you will be able to get away from your daily routine, visit stunning landscapes, socialising with others and challenging yourself by golfing on new courses.

So, if you are ready to book the ultimate golf break this summer at the best golf break venue with some of the best greens in the UK, consider the following tips.

Select The Best Golf Course

If you are a keen and experienced golfer, chances are you have a favourite course you frequent that you know very well. To get the experience of being on a golf break, why not book a golf weekend at a course where you do not usually play? Book a golf break at course that will be fun to play but will also give you a challenge.

Carefully Choose Your Companions for Your Golf Break

You will want to be careful when you are deciding who to take along with you on your golf break. These are fellow golfers that you will be spending a lot of time with, on and off the golf course. So, whether you are with them on the golf course, or you are socialising together, it is important to consider who will accompany you on your golf break.

The Weather

If this will be your first time booking a golf break in the UK during the summer, you may not be familiar with the weather. The weather in the United Kingdom is notorious for changing quickly. You will want to choose a golf course that plays well in different weather conditions. For example, a golf course that is quick during the Summer and drains well during the Winter is ideal.

Book Your Golf Break Early

It is also important that you book your golf break well in advance if possible. By doing so, you will get your preferred tee times. In addition, you will have a better chance of booking your favourite room such as a Lake View room or a Golf room.

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Make Things Easy

It can be overwhelming and time consuming to try and put your own golf break together as a DIY golf break package. Not only is this process time consuming and overwhelming, you may also end up paying more money trying to piece together a golf break. Most golf hotels offer a wide range of golf packages that will give you the most value for your money and will eliminate the need to plan your own golf break package. Choose a golf hotel with a dedicated staff that will work with you to create the perfect golf break.

Combine Breaks

Why not combine your golf break with a spa break? By booking these two together, you will experience the ultimate break by adding a relaxing element. For example, you can book a spa treatment that will complement your day on the course. You choose a massage, or you can simply take some time to relax whilst in the sauna. Many golf resorts and hotels offer various spa treatments and facilities.

Consider Travel Ease

If you want to take a short golf break, you may want to want to reduce your travelling time if possible. Look for a golf venue for your break that is located near road networks and travel hubs. This will help make your travel plans simpler.

Golf breaks offer something for everyone. Adding spa treatments to your golf break package will give you the opportunity to relax the day away with an evening in the jacuzzi or a soothing massage after spending the day on the green.


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