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Six tips on how to write an impressive essay about your travel

By  The Dubrovnik Times May 19, 2020

Writing is great. Traveling is even greater. But what if you combine these two activities to make your journeys magnificent and mesmerizing to the audience? It goes without saying that even simple voyages may well be portrayed as one in a lifetime journey if you pick the right words, style, and tone of the paper. After heated debates and support from WritingCheap, we have constructed a list of the most useful, beneficial, and easy-to-remember tips on how to write an astounding article about your past or upcoming trips.

Dig Deeper

First and foremost, it all depends on a place you are visiting, which means that before you reach your point on a map, get familiarized with its most omnipresent spots for tourists, and… try to avoid them. Or at least don’t include them in your essay. To put it in other words, readers seek pieces of information regarding places they have never heard about. And not only do you want to satisfy their needs, but you also wish to enlighten yourself by sightseeing spots that are off the beaten track. Even if it is a small and hidden lake, you can put it on a paper, adding enchanting adjectives, describing it to the fullest, and voila - the readers are excited.


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Simplicity Is A Must

By the same token, if you aspire to impress your audience, be straightforward, and get closer to their expectations and budget. No need to write down that you stayed in a top-notch hotel, tried super expensive food, and so forth. Be more specific when it comes to the interaction with locals, trying local food, entertainment, and similar things. Just show, do not tell. Depict the color of the environment—every bit of the rust in the roof. Let the readers feel that you took them with you and going among endless and tight streets with no people. Lead them to that secret spot you’ve heard about from a local person, which opens a breathtaking panorama of the city.

Write Captivating Intro

Needless to say that whether it is an academic paper or not, . Begin with some capturing introduction. Take the reader’s attention and make them read on. Other than that, establish the right tone of the paper because it can fluctuate depending on who is going to read it. Show up some of the trumps, just walk around them, and make some click baits, which means that revealing a particular part of your most important information will make the readers intrigued.

Suffice it to say, you have to use the first-person perspective for the reason that it is a narration of the experience you gained while traveling. It is your story, and you don’t have to rely on any credible sources and cite them (unless you picked some quotations that are essential in the paper). Moreover, depending on the word-limit, select the most alluring things you saw that have made the most significant impact on you.

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The introduction has to stimulate the reader to keep on reading your essay - Photo Pixabay 

Stick To The Coherence

Be it a narration or a formal essay, it must be cohesive. Meaning you have to stick parts together to make it readable, smooth, and understandable. Your story should flow from the very first word of your paper to the end. To heighten the flow, implement transition words, such as however, even though, moreover, and so on. Aside from the aforementioned words, try to avoid the abundance of digressions because it will confuse the reader. We mean, you don’t want to be the second Henry Fielding with his “The History of Tom Jones, a foundling,” where one day of a child and its surroundings is described in thousands of pictures with a myriad of digressions, do you?

Include Dialogs

In order to divulge some local culture, include some conversations with people in your article. Describe their look, their behavior. Stick to the neutral side, eschew any cliches, preconceptions, and commonly held opinions. Reveal your emotional state while talking to your interlocutor. Involve your readers in that dialog by asking them how they would answer and why they responded differently. Indeed, there may well be meaningless conversations that do not have any point, so there is no need to encompass them in your essay. Try to keep a small notebook and note down some drafts of your dialogs in it.

Your Achievements

To speak nothing of the last paragraph, where you should wrap up your travel and mull over what you have accomplished. Indubitably, each and every journey bring something new in your life. It can be as small as a shift in your beliefs, or as great as new friends. Regardless of what you have learned, you need to convey it to your readers because everyone perceives things in a different way. Once you’ve written what you have taken from the trip, you should give the audience a terrific ending. Every single story has its starting point, climax, and a reasonable conclusion; that’s why ensure giving either a firm ending or food for thought to your readers.


As written above, the steps aim to help you write an impeccable and awe-inspiring story regarding your trips in terms of revealing your emotions, unexplored places, and conversations with the locals. We hope that you will make use of all of them, as they don’t require anything, but your experience and creativity.


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