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Mom Jeans and Why Everyone Is Going Crazy About Them Pixabay

Mom Jeans and Why Everyone Is Going Crazy About Them

By  The Dubrovnik Times May 13, 2020

Skinny jeans became outdated completely and gave way to Mom jeans. Look at Instagram celebrities’ profiles - and you will see that this is really so. In this article, we decided to find out what are the reasons for the popularity of this trend, as well as the ways to combine Mom jeans with other fashionable elements.

A Short History of the Style

Mom jeans have a long and interesting history, and this model once again proves the cyclical fashion. Mom style was the result of the first attempts by women to wear pants on a par with men - back in the early 20th century. Marilyn Monroe wore these jeans too.

The next wave of popularity of Mom jeans began in the 90s. Initially, these were jeans for housewives and young mothers who wanted to hide the flaws of the figure and the consequences of pregnancy. In 2020, the Mom jeans fashion returns again, and now it is pants for women of any age and with any type of figure.

Who Are They For?

Mom jeans have a special cut, and this makes them suitable for all categories of women. Mom is high waisted jeans, although, in fact, the waistline is exactly where it should be - on the waist itself. A high waistline allows you to hide imperfect abdomen and hips. As for the hips, Mom jeans make them more rounded visually due to the fact that they do not stick to the body.

However, there are categories of girls who are better off paying attention to other trending models of this year. Mom jeans are not suitable for a short girl because they make her legs shorter visually. In this case, the only way out is the highest heel. Also, these jeans are not suitable for girls of XL size, due to their ability to make the figure rounder at the hips.

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What to Wear and Combine Mom Jeans With?

So, with what to wear these uniquely trending jeans this spring and summer?

- With a white shirt
The asymmetrical white shirt is definitely the top combination with Mom jeans, and one of the first recommendations of all designers and stylists. The shirt can be cotton or silk, but most importantly, it must be tucked into jeans, either completely or in front. And by the way, this is the main rule of Mom jeans - the upper part of the outfit should be tucked in. Otherwise, the image will be baggy and tasteless.

- With an eco-leather jacket

Feel free to wear a black biker jacket on a white shirt or basic t-shirt in combination with Mom jeans. Black leather clutch (of course, from eco-leather, too) and massive black boots will create a great look in a man's style.

- With a sweatshirt

Spring and summer do not always mean hot weather. In the case of coolness, keep in mind that Mom jeans go well with a sweatshirt, long sleeve shirt, or turtleneck. Important! Overseas and Mom jeans do not like each other under any circumstances!

- With a basic t-shirt

Everything here is also simple - and do not forget to fill in the T-shirt inside. Colors and prints are up to you.

- With a crop top

You will not believe it, but it is possible to create even an evening or romantic look with Mom jeans. If the figure allows, wear a crop top with lace and tight heels along with these jeans.


There is a hunch that Mom jeans will be at the top of the trends for quite some time. Choose your ideal model, combine it with the things that are already in your closet, and be irresistible!


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