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How to Check Copyright Of An Image On Internet Pixabay

How to Check Copyright Of An Image On Internet

By  The Dubrovnik Times May 12, 2020

The internet is bombarded with the most beautiful and eye-catching pictures. Not everyone is an expert designer or photographer and sometimes we do get tempted to use such pictures for our personal and professional projects. However, most of the pictures that you come across on the internet are not available for your own use without having the consent or permission of the copyright owner. If you reproduce or publish the copyrighted image and depict it as your own without seeking permission or a valid license, then you are committing a legal offense. 

What Is Copyright?

When a person designs or creates an image or any other intellectual property, the copyright automatically establishes when the piece of work is assigned to the creator. This means it is now the image owner’s choice to use or distribute their work in any way they like. Copyright is described by FindLaw as “a person’s exclusive right to reproduce, publish, or sell his or her original work of authorship (as a photograph, literary, musical, dramatic, artistic, or architectural work).”

Copyright aims to protect the producer from their work being stolen, copied or reproduced without their consent. Since copyright automatically attaches to the person’s work, they are not required to provide a copyright notice or register themselves or their work with a copyright office. However, this is applicable in some circumstances and registering grants additional protection to the creator’s work.

Where Did Copyright Come from?
The concept of copyright was introduced back in 1709 in the UK and hence is not a new idea. The need for recognizing and protecting the work of inventors is of crucial importance ever since. Today, the copyright rules are internationally recognized and followed, though the degree of enforcement may vary from country to country.

Today the digital age has allowed easy accessibility of all sorts of content but this needs to be understood that copyright laws are essentially the same around the world and there is no way you can use the work of someone else without their permission.

laptop insta photoFind out where your images are being used - Photo Pixabay 

How Does a Designer or Photographer Know If Their Image Has Been Used?

People have developed a misconception that since the internet is so expansive, it is easy to get away with using someone else’s images without their consent. However, this was possible to a certain degree previously but now image search technology has made the lives of photographers and designers easier. Many developers have produced advanced image search tools that let photographers and designers find out where and how their images are being used on or off the internet.

Best Image Search Tools

The internet has plenty of options when it comes to an image finder. These tools work as a protective weapon for creators whose works are prone to being copied. However, image finder can be used for many other purposes as well. - Search by image free

There are billions of pictures on the internet and some are not authorized by the creator for copyright which means the image is available for fair use. Fair use is basically an exception where the creator allows others to use their work. Bloggers and small online stores that cannot afford to buy expensive designed images can rely on such pictures. Hence, the image search finder offers dual uses and is suitable for finding pictures from around the internet.

The below tools offer the best image search technology

- Image Operations

This is an amazing tool that allows you to pull up results from different search engines using the reverse image technology. With image operations, you can further filter out the content by choosing pictures based on your selected tags. You can find any version of the picture you have uploaded and can even start editing the image through an embedded link for editing.

- SmallSEOTools

This is perhaps the best image search tool for those who are in a watch out for plagiarists. This tool searches your desired image from three popular search engines, Google, Bing and Yandex. Hence, anyone who infringes copyright laws can be caught through these search engines.

SmallSEOTools is popular amongst marketers and bloggers and is heavily used for various purposes. SmallSEOTools is 100% safe and secure and offers multiple languages. You just need to visit their site and attach the picture you intend to search.

- TinEye

TinEye is the first company to come up with the idea of reverse image technology and offer image search services for free. This ad-free tool has an easy to use interface and does not have distractive ads around the site. Upon submitting an image, you will find the exact results that match your search query. 

Wrapping Up

Technology has eased our lives in many ways. What seemed impossible yesterday is doable now. Using an image search technology, you can protect your images from being stolen as well as find pictures that can be used by the public without any restriction.


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