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This was the start of a 30 hour journey This was the start of a 30 hour journey

Romantic story of the year – he travels 30 hours to surprise his girlfriend in Croatia

By  Jul 27, 2016

Jeremy Carne was in Australia when he received a message from his girlfriend, Michelle, who was on holiday in Croatia, near Dubrovnik. The message simply read “I wish I could see you this second instead of in three weeks. But truly have never looked more forward to seeing someone as I do you. This is so hard...”

That message lit the fuse of a romantic bomb. Carne immediately jumped on a plane in Melbourne, Australia and started the 30-hour journey to be with his Michelle. And the catch was, he never told her me was coming. Using a selfie-stick and GoPro camera he filmed the whole journey, from Melbourne to Doha, onto Zagreb before finally landing at Dubrovnik Airport, he then had an hour’s drive to surprise his girlfriend.

He filmed the whole journey and Michelle’s reaction when he turns up unannounced on her doorstep; the results are the romantic story of the year. Almost nine million people have already seen the video that Carne posted on Youtube in just a few days.  

Check out the video.


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