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5G: How the Technology Could Transform Life in Dubrovnik and Beyond

Written by  May 06, 2020

Mobile devices have had a big impact on so many aspects of our lives in the last couple of decades, affecting not only how we work but also our downtime too. Now, new developments look set to take the capabilities of mobile services to a totally different level, with recent reports highlighting how Croatia is playing a role in urging the rest of Europe to embrace the latest innovations.

Taking action

Croatia is set to hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union until the end of June and, in recent weeks, it has reportedly taken the step of looking into the issue of the fifth generation of mobile technology – known as 5G.

The website has published a report stating it has seen a draft document produced by the presidency, which urges the European Commission to develop a revised action plan related to both 5G and 6G. According to Euractiv, the document outlines the importance of tackling the issue and boosting connectivity throughout the EU, adding that the need for it has been highlighted in recent months.

Croatia’s plans

Such developments clearly demonstrate the significant emphasis which is now being placed on 5G in many different parts of the world.

Croatia is already taking steps to implement the technology, with the Minister of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure, Oleg Butkovic, confirming at the end of January that Osijek would become the first city in the country to benefit from 5G networks. The hope is that the technology will be up and running by the end of this year, with the location being a model for how the networks can then be rolled out across the rest of the country.

But why is there such a clamor for the technology, and what major benefits could it ultimately offer the city of Dubrovnik and Croatia as a whole? The key issue is that it is a fundamental step up from 4G, providing faster speeds and a level of performance which is expected to have an impact on many different aspects of our lives.

A range of potential benefits

One area where 5G is set to have a big impact is in self-driving car technology. As explains in its examination of the area, 5G should ensure so-called autonomous vehicles can effectively communicate, both with each other and elements like traffic signals, to ensure people are able to get from A to B safely.

The technology may also go on to have a major impact in many parts of the entertainment world too, including film and TV streaming. For example, there has been a growing appetite for the production of content in higher-quality formats in recent times, with Netflix launching what many believe is one of the world’s first hand-drawn anime created with 4K HDR technology. The faster speeds of 5G may mean more people are able to access and enjoy such creations.



On a similar note, the likes of Amazon Music have been launching high-definition services which offer millions of songs at a far higher quality than standard music platforms. The use of these lossless audio services may also become more common as mobile connectivity continues to improve. In addition, the online casino industry has been thriving in recent years, and that may see a boost from 5G too. Many classic games have enjoyed a rebirth on web-based services, with Betway, for example, offering different variations of roulette including a mobile take on the game, and a live version hosted by a dealer via a high-definition video link. The quality of these services could undoubtedly be boosted by 5G, with the technology also potentially speeding up games and opening up opportunities for further variations - potentially even those which make use of virtual reality.

Huge potential

All of this highlights how 5G is clearly a technology which has a huge amount of potential, with the examples above being just a handful of ways that it could impact our lives.

It is intriguing to see reports of how Croatia is apparently looking to encourage the European Commission to take action on the matter, and it will be fascinating to see how the rollout of the technology continues in the months ahead.

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