Saturday, 06 June 2020
British Airways plans to suspend 36,000 staff Pixabay

British Airways plans to suspend 36,000 staff

By  Apr 02, 2020

The flagship airline of the UK, British Airways, has announced that it will suspend 36,000 employees due to the negative effects of coronavirus on business. British Airways, owned by International Airline Group (IAG), announced on Tuesday that it was temporarily suspending all flights from Gatwick, the UK's second busiest airport due to coronaviruses.

The travel and tourism industry has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic and the airlines are at the sharp end of this industry. The UK airline, Flybe, has already gone bankrupt and EasyJet have grounded their entire fleet. And now the BBC reports that one of the most prestigious airlines in the world will suspend 36,000 jobs, the airline has reached a broad agreement with the industry union Unite and will include an immediate job suspension of about 80 per cent of cabin crew, ground staff, engineers and those working at the company headquarters.

The aviation sector has been hit hard by the spread of coronaviruses worldwide, which has led many countries to introduce travel restrictions.


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