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8 most useful Travel Budget Tips for Students

By  Mar 29, 2020

College is the best opportunity for you to travel and have fun because you might not find time as you move into your career age. However, travelling as a student can be expensive and require tricks to have fun on a tight budget. The following things are vital before embarking on any trip - 

⮚ Decide whom to go with for it to be fun
⮚ Decide where you are going
⮚ Book and plan in advance
⮚ Visit travel forums, blogs, to evaluate destinations
⮚ Make a budget
⮚ Double-check on everything before travelling

Save more money for travel by reducing university costs

Saving tips come in handy for a student whether they are travelling or not. Money is hard to come by with tuition and accommodation fees to clear. Living within your means helps, you save for vacation and other essential needs such as paying for writing services. provides cheap writing services for students who live on a budget. Students should apply the following saving tips - 

⮚ Rent used textbooks instead of buying expensive ones
⮚ Eating out once in a while
⮚ Try to cut out habits such as eating junk food
⮚ Buy used textbooks and sell them at the of the academic year
⮚ Shop during discounts and sales
⮚ Living with other and cost-sharing rent and other bills save money
⮚ Consider cheap and effective phone, cable, meal, and gym plans
⮚ Find part-time jobs to complement your financial needs

Target to travel outside significant tourism month 

Pick seasons for tourists come with long queues, flight delays and inflated destination prices. Flexible vacation dates ensure that you eliminate these terrible experiences. You can kill two birds with the same stone saving money and getting a pleasant experience. It is not easy enjoying a vacation with stuffed hotel rooms and crowded beaches. It defeats the purpose of the trip because you travel to refresh your thoughts and to get a peace of mind. You should also consider cheap places to travel for college students. Travelling off-season, e.g. during winter ensures cheaper flights, accommodation, food and an authentic experience.

Volunteer programs are the cheapest way to go on vacation

student volunteer program africa 2020

A volunteer vacation is a great way to save money while giving back to society. If you have ever fantasized about experiencing diverse cultures then volunteer in Africa. The continent is rich in culture and wildlife. The trips give you more experience and can develop skills for a future career. Volunteering is also suitable for the creation of networks and long-lasting friendship that adds value to your life. While on this vacation accommodation, food and travel are usually free of charge. However, volunteering requires a different mindset because it is not all fun. Many activities are involved, and only a philanthropist can enjoy this kind of vacation. Trips far from home might take you off academic balance. Buy custom essays online to keep your academic life healthy.

Utilize available Student Discounts

Your student ID is the key that opens all discount doors. Make sure you carry it around because showing it can get you some percentage of air tickets, sales and even accommodation. Student universe is the place to go because they offer discounts on flights, hotels and tours for students and young people. Destinations offer discounts and reduce prices before or after pick season to attract tourists. Take advantage of their desperate measures to stay afloat to visit exotic places on an unimaginable budget. The following methods can help you identify student’s discounts - 

● Research for student’s discount
● Consult student travel agencies to find new offers
● Always ask if there are student discounts
● Subscribe to travel sites to get discount alerts.

Consider cheaper sleeping options


Accommodation can be tricky, especially at a destination you have never visited before. However, some options are cheaper than hotels in every place you tour. Camping is the most viable choice because it is free unless you need to rent camping kits. It can be an excellent way to reduce stress and create better bonds with friends and family while learning a new skill. It is also an excellent way to reconnect with nature. Hostels are cheaper ways of saving money while travelling. Hostel booking should be in advance with a variety of options available. You will be surprised to meet so many people who travel the world on a budget. Finally, you can also rent out a room from a local in your destination city or plan to stay with family or friends.

Choose alternative transport

When in a new city people find it safer using taxies than public transport. They also opt to spend much money for fear of getting lost or losing personal effects. Consider using the train and road trips where an air ticket is expensive. Other means of transport include subway, buses, bicycles and scooters. You do not need to travel to other cities to unwind. Consider local travels and simple picnics to reduce travel costs. Budget travel requires you to be sincere with yourself about your financial status. The following measures enable successful travelling on a tight budget - 

⮚ Get students cards that give transport discounts
⮚ Rent a track that can double as accommodation
⮚ Consider carpooling with friends
⮚ Railcards enable train discounts

Always remind yourself that you are a traveller, not a tourist

Tourists go on cruises traversing the world buying gifts and artifacts from different cultures for their families. Your tight budget cannot allow these kinds of exotic touring. Your ability as a traveller to transform into a local will help you save while having fun. To survive you should eat, travel and buy goods as a local to limit your spending. Instead of exhausting funds on exotic dining, hit a local bar or pub and have barbecues and cheap beer with your friends. While having fun, your academic life might slow down. School assignments might pile up, and the stress of tight deadlines might limit your fun. PerfectEssay is there for your writing service, ensuring you meet deadlines while having fun.

Conclusively, vacationing on a tight budget can be a horrible experience if you are not cautious. Saving for a trip can go a long way during the budgeting process. Alternative accommodation and transport relieve you off the stress of both. Travelling within your means allows you to enjoy the trip while off-season allows authentic experience on low budgets. Utilizing student’s discounts reduces costs of the vacation. Volunteering is the only way you can travel free of charge. A student can come up with a successful travel budget by following the above-recommended tips.


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