Tuesday, 09 March 2021
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Healthcare workers around the world unite with powerful selfies – if these photos don’t make you want to stay at home then nothing will

By  Mar 24, 2020

Being in the front line of the fights against COVID-19 is an exhausting and punishing place to be, these very healthcare workers that are often overlooked when times are peaceful and virus-free, show us just how crucial they are when we need them most. And healthcare workers from around the world, doctors, nurses and all medical staff, have started sharing photos on their social media with tired face covered with bruise from wearing facemasks all day. If these photos don’t motivate you to stay at home, then nothing will.

With the death rate rising across the world on a daily basis healthcare experts are urging people to follow medical advice and stay at home. But there is nothing as powerful as these photos of doctors are nurses after a hard shift. By sharing their selfies and comments the healthcare workers in the front line have brought the fight against COVID-19 to us all. Their faces are bruised and battered from the protective masks and headgear that they are forced to wear to protect themselves whilst treating COVID-19 patients.

Check out the healthcare heroes from the front line - #stayathome


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