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Dubrovnik style cookies – unique souvenir

Written by  Dec 18, 2015

Cookies in the shape of the iconic Dubrovnik City Walls, an ingenious idea and a very original souvenir, the best ideas are often the simplest. The brainchild behind these tasty treats is the Sardi family, yes it’s a local family business as well, and as well as the unique cookies they also have some very interesting test-tubes!

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“The idea was created in collaboration with my son Antonio who works with 3D printers,” said Nina Sardi. “We came up with the idea of creating cake moulds in the shape of the Old City of Dubrovnik, my mother makes fantastic dough and our friend decorates the cookies. Thanks to the 3D printer we have created not only these cake moulds but also test tubes filled with honey which has names and objects inside. For example we have designed test tubes filled with honey with the names of newlyweds inside, as well as the date of the wedding, which they have then given to guests,” added Sardi.
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Apart for honey the family business also fills these attractive tubes with twenty various spices. “I do not like the question of how we thought of packaging spices in test tubes, it just came to us. Even though we have been producing these spices for over ten years they are still very popular and attractive to people. Sage, rosemary, myrtle and many other herbs and spices look even more attractive in the tubes. We are often visited by tourists who have researched and found us, and once they find us they always come back which makes us all extremely happy,” adds Nina Sardi. She went on to say that when tourists visit her for the first time she always explains the spices and herbs, along with a tasting. During the summer season Nina delights tourists with her homemade yogurt and honey which she serves from her shop next to the Rupe Museum in the Old City.

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Great ideas and wonderful authentic souvenirs from Dubrovnik.

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