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Looking for a well-paid stress free job – dentistry is the answer

By  Jan 10, 2020

Programmers, statisticians, speech therapists, veterinarians and a section of medical professionals are on the list of least stressful occupations in the world according to a new survey. Dentistry is at the top of the list of best-paying jobs with low levels of stress, according to a study by US media outlet U.S. News & World Report, reports

And although dentists didn’t finish in first place of the highest paid occupations, in the category of annual incomes and stress levels it won hands down. According to the research, dentists in the US on average receive an annual salary of $225,760, or around 1.5 million Kuna.

According to Market Watch, the reason for this lies precisely in the good organization of the daily schedule. In addition, stress reduction is also positively affected by the fact that dentists, on average, have very few emergency procedures.

And in Croatia, as well as in the US, this profession also falls into the category of high-paid occupations, according to the MojaPlaca portal, the average monthly salary is 7,635 Kuna net.

187 high-paid occupations were included in the analysis, and in addition to dentistry, internet developers, statisticians, speech therapists, veterinarians as well as part of medical professionals were included in the list of the least stressful professions, opportunities for progress and good balance of private and business life.

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