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Cinestar marks 16th birthday with 16 Kuna movie tickets

By  Nov 20, 2019

Fancy an evening out at the cinema? Cinestar is celebrating their 16th anniversary next week and have announced that they will be selling tickets for only 16 Kunas to mark the event.

On Wednesday the 27th of November, on the 16th birthday of the largest cinema chain in Croatia, cinema-goers can catch the latest Hollywood hit for only 16 Kunas, a substantial saving on the normal price of a ticket.

Of course Wednesday will be a busy day so if you want to catch Frozen II, Midway, Ford vs Ferrari or one of the other hits then you might want to reserve your place in advance. The 16 Kuna special offer is valid for all movies, including 3D and VIP seats, but not for 4DX movies.

Check out the Cinestar site for more details.

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