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Best Reasons To Purchase A Beer Drinking Horn

Written by  Nov 18, 2019

The beer drinking horn is linked to the Vikings, greatly admired for their fierce and courageous qualities. A beer drinking horn is a drinking vessel that’s made of animal horns like cattle. While Vikings are warriors, traders, and explorers, they also loved to drink alcoholic beverages like beer and mead.

Beer drinking horns embody the Vikings’ admirable qualities and traditions. For this reason, serving drinks in a beer drinking horn is a unique and meaningful way to celebrate achievements and important events in your life.

Below are the best reasons why you should buy a beer drinking horn.

Unique Event Theme

A Viking-inspired theme won't be complete without a beer drinking horn. It's a unique concept that’s gaining popularity, especially during weddings. What’s more, a beer drinking horn is a nice giveaway. Telling your guests that they can bring home their beer drinking horn after a wedding reception is a unique and memorable way of ending your celebration.

Here are some examples of events or occasions where you can implement a unique Viking theme:

Wedding: If you're looking into a unique and memorable wedding theme, having a Game of Thrones theme is a great idea. Feel a real Viking feast by serving your guests beer in drinking horns, which are perfect for cold beverages. Enjoy and relive the Medieval times, using such a unique drinking vessel.
Bachelor's Party: Whether bachelorette or bachelor party, having a Vikings theme would make the ambiance unique and cool. Just imagine yourself and your closest friends tossing and drinking endless amounts of beer until you're all satisfied chatting and bursting into laughter.
Children's Party: For children's parties, drinking horns can hold juices, smoothies, or other favorite drinks for everyone to enjoy. Ask the kids to wear Vikings costumes and send out Viking giveaways. With the matching holder, the kids can set their own drink down so it doesn’t tip over.
Halloween Party: This occasion is a great chance to take selfies or photos of people wearing the coolest costumes ever. So why not take the opportunity to wear a Viking costume and flaunt your polished beer drinking horn? It's such a great idea to celebrate Halloween.
Christmas: If drinking beer, wine, soda, or juice in a glass feels too “ordinary,” consider switching things up with beer drinking horns. This item will surely make your Christmas eve more exciting and magical.

Best Pairing for Grilled Food

Drinking horns go well with grilled foods, like barbecue and steaks during festive celebrations on various occasions. For instance, a citrusy and bright American pale ale has strong hops notes that dance with the best spices of grilled foods and barbecue sauce, making a great drink pairing. Beer malt perfectly matches with the savory meat.

Feel the unique drinking experience and savor the delicious taste of meat, best paired with your beer drinking horn to hold your beverage.


Encourages Conversation

Surely, you'll have a lot of guests on your special day. While you might know all of them, they might not know each other as much and feel uneasy around unfamiliar faces. Break the ice with beer drinking horns. Serving beverages in beer drinking horns can be a great conversation starter.

Here are the things your guests would love to talk about while seeing such unique drinking vessels:
● The uniqueness of the drinking horn
● First-time experience of using a beer drinking horn
● Eagerness to use a similar theme on their next event

Experience Pride While Drinking from a Premium Vessel

While drinking wine, beer, or any other beverage in a glass can be elegant, many people are already used to such a drinking vessel. Drinking in a unique and premium-quality drinking horn will leave the person feeling more special in your gathering. Treat your guests extra special by choosing only the best drinking horns.

Here are the qualities of a high-quality beer drinking horn:

Safe to Use: A high-quality beer drinking horn is double sealed with a modern and safe sealant to ensure safe use and no leaks.
Handcrafted: A high-quality drinking horn is made by hand to ensure it is well-crafted.
Sustainable: Horns were obtained from family farms specializing in horn crafting for sustainability and respect for animals. Only deal with a trusted seller who can provide proof of using only sustainable horns to consumers. One way to check is through the company’s website.
Durable: Choose one with a resin-based material to prevent warping, contracting, and expanding.


Drinking horns have been around for ages. These drinking vessels were used by Vikings a long time ago, and modern celebrations can benefit from beer drinking horns, which embody quality, pride, respect, and appeal.

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