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New chef academy opens in Croatia BOJAN HARON MARKIČEVIĆ

New chef academy opens in Croatia

By  Oct 07, 2019

This week the gastronomic academy “Majstor Kuhar” founded by Croatian famous chef and academician Branko Ognjenović was opened and with his young team they presented program of the academy. After many years in world of gastronomy chef Branko has announced his active retirement where he plans to dedicate his time mostly to humanitarian work in the charity “Udruga Renato – Chefs Without Borders.”

A team of experts led by Sabina Jalšić, chef Dario Lido (Branko's successor) and Nenad Bratković master of nutrition will lead the academy’s programs. Branko will still be active in each segment of the academy as a lecturer in master class workshops but the young force that have been with Branko since the very start will take over implementing the academy’s goals.


Over 150 friends, chef colleagues, business associates and media representatives came to show their support of the new academy equipped with state-of-the-art technology which will allow lecturers to share information online and enable online courses. Students of the academy will be given the certificate “MAJSTOR KUHAR” upon finishing the seminar. The main mission of the academy is to empower the working market with skilled labour, to reduce the deficit with education and increase the competency in the market, it is the first such academy on the Croatian market that offers professional training in gastronomy.


The premises in which the academy is located is an educational venue equipped with up to date interactive equipment for interactive education on topics such as cookery and nutrition, as well as adapting it to people with special needs, gastro diseases but also organizing master classes. The academy has announced collaboration with other guests from world of gastronomy and enology.


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