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Reasons To Donate Money Using Text To Give Church: MobileAxept

By  Sep 27, 2019

Donations are the lifeblood of non-profit groups like the Church. Religions are counting on the giving hearts of their members to support the organization by pooling together their financial resources for the seamless operation of their house of worship.
Moreover, the funds are used to help other Church members who are struggling financially. These may be the people who have high hospital bills or those who have permanent disabilities and cannot support themselves any longer.

However, while the Church is a spiritual temple, it’s not exempted from people with evil intent. There are still cases of theft and corruption in the Church.

If that’s your primary worry, it’s fortunate that a Church Giving App has been developed for transparency regarding the financial blessings that the Church received. This digital tool can make donation-giving more convenient and accessible for you.


Here are some reasons to donate money through text:

1. Convenience

Mobile apps make performing tasks like giving to the Church more accessible and convenient for users. With the prevalence of e-wallets and cashless payments now, it makes a lot of sense for Churches to keep up with the times and accommodate this preference of their congregation.

No one brings checkbooks when attending Church services nowadays. Plus, even if it’s just a single check, it’s a bit of a hassle to carry it with you and ensure that it doesn’t get crumpled or stained. These factors affect its readability and increase the likelihood that the bank won’t accept it anymore.

Text-to-give tools connect with your e-wallet and allow you to donate through SMS. It’s convenient for you and the Church since it receives the funds directly without having to cash it in at the bank.

2. Mobility

In today’s digital age, virtually any action can be done on your smartphone. Church giving is no different. Platforms like Text To Give Church: mobileAxept allow you to help your organization out with ease, anytime and anywhere. Plus, it doesn’t take much storage space in your device.

There are two different carrier-based mobile fundraising methods for Church giving:

Text-to-Give – With this, the organization determines its keyword, donation amount, and shortcode, also known as a shortened phone number dedicated to receiving this particular fund. Typically, the denominations are limited between 5 to 50 USD, in increments of five. There’s also the option for recurring donations. It’s the most straightforward way for supporters to give through text.

Text-to-Donate – This one requires the Church to set up a campaign keyword and a mobile-giving page. You still need to text the keyword to a short code and pledge a donation amount. Then, you’ll be sent a link to the giving web page and complete the process by providing your information. The primary advantage of this setup is that donors can make custom donation amounts.

While these are more on the technical aspect of giving, it’s beneficial for givers to understand their fundamental differences. This way, you can ensure that you’re giving to the right campaign of your Church.


3. Monitoring and Evaluation

Another outstanding benefit of carrier-based giving tools is the transparency that it provides donors. Churches can provide updates on the platform and have important ones sent directly to your mobile number.

Moreover, you can evaluate whether the Church is channeling the funds it received to appropriate projects. It holds the staff accountable directly to the givers and minimizes the risk of theft and misappropriation.

4. Shareability

These tools also increase the shareability of the Church’s campaign. Unlike traditional methods where you receive a paper detailing your organization vision, you can forward a text message to your family and friends with ease. Afterward, you just need to wait for them to donate on their own accord and, maybe, join your services as well.

These are some of the key reasons why people donate to the Church:

They Notice a Need

Ideally, people would give money voluntarily and wholeheartedly without being prompted. However, there are times when the needs of the Church aren’t directly apparent to its members.

That’s why it’s crucial that these organizations keep their congregation updated on the Church’s current status. They do this in the hopes that the people will be moved to donate and support the needs of the ministries, as well as other technicalities.

They Believe in the Campaign

Your Church may run different campaigns depending on its needs. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that the organization is making an eternal difference. This vision is why people give to the Church and support its operations so that it can continue to transform the lives of others.

They’ve Been Blessed by the Church

Another reason why people donate is that the Church has helped them before. Whether it’s financial or spiritual support or both, these supporters feel that it’s their time to give back to the organization through monetary means.

They Know How

While you and your Church know the value of giving and the reason behind it, some people don’t understand why they ought to donate money to an established organization. It’s your job as a believer to help your family and friends see the benefits of giving.

The process is so much more than merely providing funds for Church activities. Think of it as an investment to eternity where you’re supporting your pastors and other spiritual leaders in gaining souls for heaven.

Also, the intricacies of text-giving can be a deterrent, especially for the older generation. You can do your part by patiently instructing them on how they can use the text-to-give method to send funds to the Church. It’s also an excellent way to get to know people from your congregation and establish relationships with them.

They Want to Obey

For Christians, the Bible is the ultimate authority on giving, stewardship, and generosity. Spiritually mature Church members want to honor God through their finances. That’s why they give from the heart, without thinking of the cost. They allocate a portion of their income each month as their tithes and offer it to their Lord.

Conversely, here are a few reasons why people don’t or cannot give to the Church:

They’re in a Tight Financial Situation

It can be challenging to navigate through life. There are instances when your income is just enough for your weekly or monthly needs while other times, your salary cannot even cover the necessities. Don’t judge people who cannot commit to donating because you can never fully know what their financial situation is like.

They’re Undergoing Spiritual Transition

As much as you would like your spiritual journey to be a straightforward one, it’s not often the case. Even if they go to the same Church, people have different spiritual maturity levels. That’s why you’ll see some who are so tightfisted while others have no qualms about giving up their luxuries to support the Church.

All the same, it’s not for you to judge where they are in their spiritual walk with God. What you can do is focus on your growth and be an excellent steward of the blessings given to you.

They Don’t Know Where the Money Goes

Meanwhile, some people have witnessed the betrayal of a pastor or a Church staff pertaining finances that’s why they’re distrustful of donations since then. Understandably, they’d be cautious about giving money for a particular campaign only to be used for a leader’s personal gain.

As mentioned above, text-giving can ease this worry by providing transparency through monitoring features and updates on the platform.


5. Security

Security features of digital tools and apps, whether for travel or health and fitness, have significantly evolved in recent years. The same is true for text-giving apps, although you should know that SMS encryption carries over only from your phone to the cell tower.

Encryption is the process of jumbling the content of your SMS into random data that’s not easily decipherable. The message is organized back into the original text when the other person receives it.

To fully understand how text messaging works, here are the transfers that a single SMS goes through:

Phone to Cell Tower – When you hit that send button on your phone, the radio waves containing your encrypted message are carried over to the cell tower. Data encryption is built into the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) standard.

Cell Tower to Carrier – However, once your message gets to the cell tower, it is decrypted and then sent to the mobile carrier’s database typically through an unencrypted microwave link. Your network provider then processes and stores the SMS in their servers.

Carrier to Recipient – The last step involves the carrier sending the message in reverse order, meaning the unencrypted data comes from them then to the cell tower. This time, though, it shouldn’t be returned to you but should be received by your intended recipient.

Fortunately, there are apps nowadays that are explicitly developed for encrypting text messages. iPhone users can enjoy secure SMS-ing through iMessage. For those with Android smartphones, you can download encryption apps on the Play Store and choose which delivers the best service.

Text-giving tools also provide encryption for bank card information that you share with them, and they work with payment processors that are compliant with government security standards. Moreover, these platforms provide transparency and control in managing your account.

More than Money

While the factors above are the advantages of text-giving, below are the benefits for your physical, mental, and emotional well-being that you gain through helping others:

1. Get on a Helper’s High

If you’ve ever felt a sudden surge of happiness after giving, you’ve experienced helper’s high. The term pertains to the feeling of warmth that comes after knowing that you did something positive for another person.

Giving activates regions in the brain that are linked with pleasure, trust, and connection with other people. Your brain secretes neurotransmitters that are involved with mood (serotonin), feeling good (dopamine), and compassion or emotional bonding (oxytocin).

2. Achieve Life Satisfaction

In a study by Purdue University’s Women’s Philanthropy Institute, it was found that giving is positively correlated with life satisfaction. This means that the more you give, the more happiness and contentment you feel.

There’s a pervasive culture in society that pushes people to put their own needs first. While self-care is not harmful, it shouldn’t lead to selfishness. Acquiring too many possessions like money, gadgets, and other stuff will only clutter your life.

Moreover, you can’t use them all, and you certainly can’t bring them to heaven, so it’s better to give them to people who actually need them. Billionaires, such as Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Warren Buffett, among others, know that material things don’t lead to happiness that’s why they choose to become philanthropists.

3. Reap Future Rewards

The concept that you reap what you sow is also founded on real experiences by givers. Sociological studies reveal that generosity begets generosity. This means that when you give to others, you’ll be rewarded with the same kindness somewhere in the future, whether it’s from the person or organization you supported or through someone else.

4. Enjoy Social Connections

The Church is more than a building. It’s the people of God who choose to come together despite their differences. Their faith unites them. This unity comes with feelings of trust as well as cooperation among members and results in positive social interactions, which have a favorable impact on your physical and mental well-being.


Donating to the Church is a reward in itself. The process has been made more convenient, straightforward, and transparent with text-giving tools. With this platform, you can send a donation and support a ministry anytime, anywhere without worrying about security because of encryption.

Another primary advantage of text-giving platforms is that they enable you to receive updates directly on your mobile phone. This way, you’ll be able to monitor where the funds are being used and whether it’s being spent for the right cause.

You can also easily share your Church’s campaign to family and friends. All you need to do is forward the message containing the keyword and shortcode then wait for them to support your organization. With this, you share the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that come with giving.


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