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Letter to the Editor Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor - Dubrovnik, a true architectural masterpiece, an enchanting stage almost custom made for a Shakespearean play

By  Sep 23, 2019

Dubrovnik, a true architectural masterpiece, an enchanting stage almost custom made for a Shakespearean play, as bespoke as can be. I’ve had the privilege to experience many great cities around the world, the likes of Rome, Venice, Florence, Verona, etc. All cities historical wonders in themselves steeped in the wonderful, artistic, spellbinding history of medieval Europe boasting the marvels of the splendid baroque, gothic, renaissance architecture; but never have I witnessed a stage already set, effortlessly creating a truly magical experience of sights and sounds, elating the spirit, the mind and soul.

An experience of beauty, of peace, of cries of joy, of the magical twinkling of musical notes like stars in the night sky. The stunning baroque church shining in all its glory with saints and guardian angels perched on its intricate facade, inspecting its people with intrigue, offering love, comfort and protection.

Perched on the stage below the blissful harmony, a state of trance created by the philharmonic orchestra as it weaves its magic through the crowd, touching and enriching people’s souls. Each crescendo a feast for the mind, body and spirit, challenging our current lifestyle and transporting us back to a bygone era where music, food, love and romance was the order of the day. An era which we crave be able to wander the paved shining streets of Shakespeare’s times, to dive into the history, to be able to search for and find ones Romeo. To live, to love, to laugh; Isn’t that what life’s about? Tales of love, of sacrifices, tales of tragedies but ultimately culminating in happy endings....

Breathing freely in the open air under the serene night sky, surrounded by magnificent buildings standing proud in all their glory, encircling us like a warm sheltering embrace. It feels as if the saints and angels have awoken to the music of ‘Tonight’ to nurture and protect and remind us the true meaning of life. To love that little bit more, to breathe and fill our lungs with pride and happiness, to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our life, to take a step back and distress, to reach out and touch and feel the wonders of the world, reminding us of our existence and instilling in us our lost faith.

This evening I feel at peace in a state of pure relaxation, of tranquillity, of positivity, like I’m floating in the night sky light as a feather, dressed in a flowing white robe, devoid of any tension or stress, feeling pure, content with complete faith in the Almighty as if I too can wave my magic wand sprinkling stardust like the conductor below making everything alright. The splendidness of the evening enriching my being, a heightened sense of magic elevating my soul to a new world, a world of freedom.....of Libertas.

Dr Anjana Kumar (UK)