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Tips To Score Discounts When Shopping

By  Sep 09, 2019

There are a lot of ways that you could be saving money when you shop online or in a brick-and-mortar store. While brick-and-mortar stores usually have retail sales or rely on the art of negotiation to grab a discount, you could be saving a lot of money online.

Today, we take a look at the ways customers could be saving a lot of money and increasing their buying power by scoring discounts. These hacks are great for those who are on a budget.

Go to Coupon Sites

For upfront discounts on the goods and services that you purchase online, consider getting a coupon from a coupon website. These places offer a variety of curated and collated coupons from major vendors, and you can save anywhere between 10 and 70 percent on your next purchase. Try the online coupon site - if you’re looking for a quick discount.

These coupon sites are beneficial for people who are just browsing for deals or are looking for coupons that they could have missed out on from companies who don’t have them available on their sites as well.

Purposely Abandon Your Shopping Cart

In over a year, the ecommerce industry loses more than $4 trillion in abandoned shopping carts, and as a result, marketers have responded by remarketing to customers who do so. They frequently give out incentives for people to purchase what was in their carts by offering discounts, deals, and offers.

There is a possibility to grab a discount from an online store by purposely abandoning a shopping cart because ecommerce stores would rather lose some potential revenue than the entire potential revenue altogether.

Allow Annoying Newsletters into Your Inbox

Newsletters from retail outlets are usually just filled with marketing material for their existing customers to purchase from them again. However, a lot of discounts also come from these newsletters.

It helps to subscribe to a newsletter from a brand that you love to make sure that your are always first in line to get a discount that is still not available to regular shoppers.

These newsletters are designed to provide incentives for people who are already part of the customer base. This rides on the fact that it’s cheaper for a company to market to a previous customer base than to look for new customers.

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Buy From Wednesday to Friday

There are a lot of offers available from Wednesday to Friday. Instead of logging in during regular shopping times on a lazy Saturday afternoon, shoppers looking for great deals on their purchase should try the midweek.

There seems to be a more significant possibility of scoring a discount at these times probably because they might be off-peak times for e-commerce outlets. Merely adjusting the times when people shop can result in a lot of savings.

Wait for the Sales

The most apparent sale that everyone looks forward to is the Black Friday sale, which is the bane of all who work in customer service. However, if Black Friday sales also work in e-commerce sites, don’t miss out on those deals, too.

Would-be customers who have the patience to sit back can simply wait for a sale. There are seasons where some sales occur, but it also helps to ask the retailer directly when you can expect a sale from their end.

Threaten to Cancel (Only for Subscriptions)

A lot of services that offer subscriptions have a dedicated department that is around to make sure that they do not lose any customers. If by any chance a customer is fed up with a subscription or is annoyed with the current service, threatening to cancel might be useful.

The department is armed with several discounts and incentives that can make your subscription worthwhile for the stress that you endured because of their service.

Know Price Codes

When you shop at major places such as Target or Costco, the price tags will have codes that seem to be random numbers along with the tag. However, these are price codes that tell you if something is discounted or not. By knowing what to look for, you know if you’re getting the best value for it.

For example, an asterisk in Costco’s product tag means its either on clearance, or it’s being discontinued.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways for you to save money while shopping, and the average consumer shouldn’t settle for not being able to make savings. Given the cost of inflation amongst other issues, being able to save a few dollars here and there is excellent for any budget!


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