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Germany to ban use of plastic bags Germany to ban use of plastic bags Pixabay

Germany to take bold move to ban plastic bags

By  Aug 12, 2019

In a bold move Germany plans to pass a law banning the use of plastic bags, commented the German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze on Sunday. "My ministry will ban plastic bags in its own way," Svenja Schulze said, however she didn’t yet give any details as to when the deadline for this ban would be.

Germany would be the first country in the European Union to completely ban plastic bags when this move goes through. Although with such an influential member of the EU planning this move other countries could well follow suit. Croatia would certainly do well to follow the lead of Germany and to ban the use of plastic bags.

The European Union will ban certain disposable “single use” plastic products, such as straws, plastic forks and knives, in 2021, but has allowed a transitional period for other plastic products.


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