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Climate change affects all of us Climate change affects all of us

INTERACTIVE – How much warmer is Dubrovnik today than when you were born

By  Jun 17, 2019

The average temperatures over the past centuries have risen thanks to mankind’s continual pollution of the planet. And now you can see exactly how much the average temperatures have risen in your hometown since you were born with a new app launched by The New York Times.

On their website the popular American publication published an article which opened with “As the world warms because of human-induced climate change, most of us can expect to see more days when temperatures hit 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher.”

The website allows you to enter your hometown and your date of birth and then gives you the results, which don’t make for pretty reading.

As an example we used Dubrovnik and the year 1970.

The results read.

“When you were born, the Dubrovnik area could expect about 6 days per year to reach at least 32 degrees”

It continued.

“Today the Dubrovnik area can expect 32 days at or above 32 degrees per year, on average.”

And finally.

“By the time you’re 80, models show there could be 43 of these very hot days. The likely range is between 38 and 67 days.”
And in conclusion.

The Dubrovnik area is likely to feel this extra heat even if countries take action to lower their greenhouse gas emissions by the end of the century, according to an analysis conducted for The New York Times by the Climate Impact Lab, a group of climate scientists, economists and data analysts from the Rhodium Group, the University of Chicago, Rutgers University and the University of California, Berkeley. If countries continue emitting at historically high rates, the future could look even hotter.

Check out the information for yourself at The New York Times website.

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