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VIDEO – NASA release stunning time-lapse of sunset from space Screenshot NASA

VIDEO – NASA release stunning time-lapse of sunset from space

By  Jun 15, 2019

This new video from NASA really caught our eyes. A time-lapse video of a sunset over the earth taken from the International Space Station. An absolutely unique and impressive sight, reminding us of how small and precious our planet is and how we must start to respect it. Maybe watching this video will stop someone asking for a plastic bag after finishing their shopping or taking that plastic straw for their cola. There is no planet B!

NASA states that “Enjoy this sped-up Earth view, captured by the Expedition 59 astronauts currently on-board the International Space Station. The station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes — meaning this sunset you see is actually one of 16 the station residents see each day!”

Needless to say the video soon went viral and received comments on the official NASA YouTube channel like “Absolutely stunning, just utterly beautiful” and “Look at our beautiful home... our planet... it baffles me.. the beauty of the universe... that's why I always protect the Earth.”

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