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Car Accident Lawyer Lead Generation: How to Improve Web Traffic for Law Firm Websites

By  Mar 08, 2019

The modern times almost require that businesses have websites, at least as a portfolio where potential customers and clients can refer to. Companies that have online presence are more likely to have inquiries and sales compared with competitors who don’t.

However, gaining traffic to sites and getting leads can be challenging with law firms. Nonetheless, there are various ways where lawyers from different specializations, such as personal injury and car accident, can get more leverage online. Listed on this article are ideas on how you can improve on your site traction to get more client leads.

1. Have a professional website

One of the most basic tips to get more leads as a lawyer or law firm is to have a professional website such as - Miami NYC Dallas. Your site will serve as your portfolio, and if it’s not designed or optimized to at least retain visitors, then there’s a slim chance that they would trust you for their legal needs. It’s crucial to have a website that speaks for what you can do because it can make or break the lead generation strategy you have. Some tips on how to achieve this are:

● Improve your website speed.
● Make navigation simple.
● Optimize your website for mobile.
● Use fonts that match the business culture and style.
● Utilize high-quality images and videos.
● Keep the design simple with coordinated colors and readable text.
● Don’t miss out on important details such as your phone number and location.

2. Optimize your site for conversions

Once you have a professional-looking website, the next step is to ensure that you have conversions. In marketing, this is a technique where you can get potential clients to take a specific action. Web visitors usually won’t do anything except browse, unless they are prompted to do something. Show that you’re a reliable driving with intoxication (DWI) lawyer or a good car accident lawyer by creating a conversions funnel that your potential clients can relate to. There are various ways on how you can optimize your site design for conversions, a few of which are:

● Incorporate live chat or chatbot options. This way, visitors who have questions can get answers promptly, and you can grasp that momentum of attention.
● Create contact forms that are simple to fill out, with auto-population options to make it more convenient.
● Include a pop-up box that prompts them to subscribe to your newsletter, schedule a consultation, or another call to action (CTA).
● Make sure that your contact details are visible and ideally consistently in place in almost all site pages.
● Have regular testing, like an A/B testing, if you’re redesigning your website or implementing new marketing strategies.

3. Track all your leads

Not many realize that tracking leads can be a way to get more conversions and improve website traffic. By tracking all the leads that you can get through online chats, website clicks, phone calls, campaign clicks, email subscriptions, contact forms, and more, you’re able to evaluate which methods are working for you and which areas you need to revamp. Examples of tools that you can use to track your leads are:

● Google Analytics
● Zoho
● Apptivo
● Hubspot
● MailMunch
● Sprout Social
● Pardot

Car Accident Lawyer Lead Generation How to Improve Web Traffic for Law Firm Websites

4. Don’t forget search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best strategies to be found organically on the Internet, with no exceptions for lawyers and law firm sites. Your SEO techniques are vital for potential clients to find you, so you need to invest in time and effort on how to incorporate this on your website if you aren’t hiring someone to do it for you. Some practices that you can use are:

● Use the right keywords by being niche specific. For example, instead of using lawyers near me, lawyers, or law firms Dallas, have more precise ones like car accident lawyers NYC, auto accident law firm Miami, and so on.
● Don’t leave your title and meta description tags blank. Search engines use these pieces of information when displaying your site, and these are the first things users see.
● Create a Google My Business listing. Your site will show up in Google results when users look for businesses similar to yours, displaying information such as directions, location, website, phone number, reviews, and more.
● Ask your clients for honest reviews. More reviews can lead to more site visits, especially when there are highly positive reviews.

5. Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC is seen to be effective for lawyers because the top 3 or 4 searches on Google are usually from paid ads. Paid ads work because many users find the information they need quicker. When using PPC, make sure that you have the right keywords that answer a common query your target audience would have.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation and web traffic improvement are doable for car accident lawyers and law firms. With the help of the tips listed above, you’ll have the key components in attorney sites. Once you apply them, you’ll see better traction on your site and gain more clients for your law firm business.

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