Monday, 19 August 2019

Could Starbucks open their first coffee shop in Croatia?

By  Feb 19, 2019

The most well-known coffee shop chain in the world, Starbucks, could soon be opening their first ever outlet in Croatia. According to a report in there are strong rumours that Starbucks could open their first Croatian café in Zagreb.

It is believed that the Seattle based coffee chain have plans, through their franchise owner in the region, to open a café in the centre of the Croatian capital in the popular Cvjetni Square shopping centre.

Starbucks will certainly open a café in the region shortly, but in the Serbian capital Belgrade, but it looks like they are planning to expand to the Croatian capital as well. According to the report a suitable space has opened up in the busy shopping centre after another restaurant closed. Speaking to the newspaper a representative for the shopping centre stated that they are currently talking with some major foreign gastronomic brand, and that they have a plan to “bring something that we do not yet have, something different.”


Although the “coffee to go” culture is a late developer with most Croatians, who generally prefer to sit and chat over their caffeine fix, the custom to drink and walk is slowly but surely gaining popularity, especially with the younger generations. In the past Costa Coffee, the British based coffee chain, had opened three cafes in Croatia in 2008, but quickly closed them due to a lack of interest. Starbucks, or at least the franchise owners, clearly consider that over ten years later the culture of coffee drinking has changed, with more cafes as well as petrol stations and newsagents now offering coffee to go, and that the location in the centre of Zagreb will prove successful. And in the capital city, especially in this busy shopping centre, the Seattle coffee giant certainly has more chance to succeed than in the tourist destinations along the Adriatic coastline.

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