Monday, 14 October 2019
St. Blaise celebrated in New York  St. Blaise celebrated in New York

St. Blaise traditionally celebrated in New York

By  Feb 06, 2019

The Festivity of the patron Saint of Dubrovnik, St. Blaise, on the 3rd of February in the city but all over the world. From the heart of the European Union in Brussels to Australia St. Blaise is celebrated all over the world. And traditionally the Festivity of St. Blaise was again marked in the heart of New York this year as around fifty members of the Dubrovnik Club gathered in a New York restaurant.

The introductory word was given by Srđan Gjivoje and he congratulated everyone on the festival of St. Blaise before handing over the program for the night to Nino Gjivoje. The Croatian and American anthems as well as the anthem of St. Blaise were all played at the beginning of the evening.


The audience were also addressed by the club president Šime Šimunovic and vice president Noris Boccanfuso. Greetings are messages were read out at the evening and were sent by the Bishop of Dubrovnik, msgr. Mate Uzinic, the Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Frankovic, and the parish priest of the St. Blaise Church in Ston, don. Miljenko Babaic.

Dubrovnik specialties are prepared for dinner, such as black rice, veal under the bell, sea bass, octopus salad and wine from Korcula. The celebrations lasted well into the New York night.


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