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Johnny Depp to film latest movie in region

Written by  Jan 27, 2019

The head of the borough of Tivat in Montenegro, Siniša Kusovac, held a meeting with representatives of the international movie production company “Work in Progress” on supporting the filming of a new Hollywood blockbuster starring Johnny Depp. It is believed that the latest Depp movie will be partly filmed in Tivat in May this year.

The star of Pirates of the Caribbean is to star in the new movie “Minamata.” The film follows the career of the American photo-journalist W. Eugene Smith who, after the end of World War II, began working for Life magazine and discovered the Minamata factory employee's poisoning in Japan. Some of the scenes will be recorded in the capital of Serbia, Belgarde, whilst the crew will spend around a week in Tivat.

“Projects like the Minamata movie are desirable for our municipality and we have already secured consensus,” commented Kusovac. It is believed that around 200 people will be involved in the filming in Tivat and a number of locations around the area have already been selected.

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