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Brexit survival box goes on sale

Written by  Jan 23, 2019

The UK’s exit from the European Union is only a couple of months away and an enterprising businessman has come up with a Brexit survival box to prepare for the worst. The box includes a mixture of dehydrated food, some British favourites, and is retailing at £295 and business is booming.

James Blake, a businessman from Leeds, is the brains behind this survival kit for Brexit and apart from dehydrated food the kit also contains a water purifying kit and gel for starting fires.

And according to a report on Reuters Blake has “already sold hundreds of them.” With only nine weeks left and the black clouds of a “no deal” situation hanging over the UK many citizens are worried as to what the future might bring. One possibility is that a no deal scenario will see supermarket shelves start to empty before future trade deals are in place.

brexit box on sale

The special Brexit Box includes 60 portions of dehydrated food, such as Chicken Tikka, Chilli Con Carne, Macaroni Cheese and Chicken Fajitas, 48 portions of dried mince and chicken. Many of the dishes have a shelf life of 25 years.

Speaking to Reuters Blake commented that “Right now we are in a Brexit process that nobody has control over, we have no idea what is happening. Our government has no idea what is happening, but you can control what happens to you by taking control yourself.”

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