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Choosing the best camera to record videos

By  The Dubrovnik Times Jan 23, 2019

You may have noticed that the digital world is being dominated by the videos, right? They are video-lessons, tutorials, chats and whatever else can be recorded. And if you're getting ready to venture into that market, one of the most important things to do is find the best camera to record videos.

To have good results in this process of adaptation to this expanding market you will need to choose the best camera to record videos for your project - after all, the quality of your video will be the key to your success. No Fluff Tech gives various reviews about all the gadgets.

In this article, we separated a few tips to help you choose the best equipment to record videos in a professional manner, features and camera tips in various price ranges, as well as a video tutorial that will help you succeed in your productions.

Choosing the Best Camera to Record Videos

The camera is one of the most important parts when it comes to recording audio-visual content - after all, without it there would be no video - and that is exactly why you should choose the one that best suits you, both in terms of budget and in terms of goals of production. But it's important to remember that you do not just need a good camera to shoot great videos. A camera that is good will give you more possibilities when it comes to designing, however, it is also important to study a little bit about technical issues to get the most out of your camera. For example, apart from the camera, it's good to think about ambient lighting, editing, audio quality and even the scenery. And of course, what's even more important: its content!

To summarize: The camera is not everything when it comes to recording a good video, but it's a very important part! As we are very visual beings, a beautiful image influences a lot in our impression of a video. A more professional camera captures a richer image, and allied to the mastery of the editing process, it can become sharper, more colourful and more vivid!

With that in mind, this article will help you choose the best camera to shoot great videos. And, more importantly, the camera that will work best for its purpose. For example, if you want to record adventure or extreme sports videos, a large camera (which has large lenses as well) will not answer you, after all, it can impact and break. But if your goal is to record a video lesson in a home studio, it may be ideal.

So let's go? Check out some model tips and features to choose from:

Smartphone Cameras

If you do not own or do not want to invest about $ 3,000 in a semi or professional camera, there are other options: you can also record your video using a smartphone camera!

Nowadays most of these devices already record in HD (1280 × 720) or FULL HD (1920 × 1080) and you can use your smartphone and leave to focus your investment on other points needed for good shooting - such as lighting and microphone. So you can spend less and get videos almost as good, in technical terms, compared to those recorded with DSLR cameras.

One of the main advantages besides the most affordable price is the fact that you can download applications on the device itself to handle recorded images and have more control over shooting and editing.

Tips: Use the rear camera which, in general, records better quality than the front. Also, place your phone in a horizontal position and search the device settings for the best possible quality.

In addition, it is good to also ensure a tripod for your smartphone. So, in addition to making the shooting process easier, you get a stable image!

Compact Cameras

Compact cameras are the easiest to operate. They entered the market to replace the analogy. Many of these compact cameras have the video function as well. With automatic image controls, you do not have to worry about configuring ISO and opening the diaphragm, for example, when using them. This lack of access to settings, however, may end up restricting the creativity of those who have a camera to record compact videos.

Compared to the more professional cameras, the compact ones have a lower image quality, which can leave you in the hand in times of low lights, at night and even indoors. Ideally, you should use this camera to record home videos and in brighter environments. This way you can extract the best possible image.

Small, cheap and easy to carry, these cameras are ideal for shooting everyday moments of those who do not bother to assign professional quality to the images. For the purpose of recording, however, they leave a little to be desired when compared to so-called DSLR cameras.

DSLR Cameras

DSLR is a camera for recording more professional videos. The acronym DSLR stands for Digital Single Lens Reflex. The reflex model has the premise that the image that is framed concerns what will actually appear in the photo, unlike the old cameras, which had a display that was not connected to what would be recorded in the film. The DSLR revolutionized the audio-visual production market. Previously used only for photography, these cameras have been given the option of recording moving images, and because they are compact and of high quality, they are adopted in almost all types of video production, since the generated material has an aspect a bit more cinematic.

These cameras are more robust and feature a superior level of image, control and stability compared to compact digital cameras - attractive that will no doubt facilitate your productions and make your videos look more professional. However, they are a little more complex to work with because they have all the commands in manual mode. But do not worry, if that is your choice, they also have automatic modes, which generate satisfactory results.

It pays to give preference to the cameras to record Full HD videos, because the quality of the image will be its greatest ally at the time of recording. Also, opting for the mobile display equipment will make your life a lot easier when you have to record without the help of someone. So pay special attention to this detail when buying your machine.

Thinking about these specifications, the t5i, t6i and t7i models are widely used and recommended DSLRs, however, they are a bit more complex to move around. In order to work with these, it is important to take a few days to study a little and, certainly, read the instruction manual.

One of the biggest advantages of these models is that the Canon T6i and T7i have a Wi-Fi system, offering an alternative of transferring files to other devices besides the memory card.


You can also choose to purchase a camcorder. Nowadays, they may not be as relevant in the market, but they still have their place. Because they are focused on producing videos, these camcorders have better internal audio quality and clean video outputs (no equipment information), which makes them ideal for live broadcasts. With built-in lenses with powerful zoom, some models even have audio and headphone jacks, and can withstand several hours of shooting.

However, the investment in camcorders is greater: a professional camcorder varies in prices that exceed 5 thousand reais. In addition, because they are much more robust equipment, they need a greater ability to be operated.

In contrast Camcorder, although less professional, are simpler to operate and transport - in addition to being found at a more affordable price.

In terms of video quality, Camcorders are similar to DSLR cameras, but the advantage of cameras is greater control over some of the equipment's settings (such as depth of field), which makes cameras more versatile in the creative sense of shooting.

Sports Cameras

Understanding which camera is best for each occasion is a key part of your project. As said earlier, very large cameras are not ideas for recording sports videos, for example. Thinking just about it is that sports cameras have become so popular these days.

Very popular after GoPro, these cameras are small, practical, versatile and, even better, have incredible quality! Designed exactly for sports, they are the right tool for anyone who wants to document their adventures. It is possible to put brackets that fit them in equipment, helmets and drones, for example.

Many of them are already waterproof, which makes these cameras even more special for the adventure and sports videos market.

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