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WhatsApp takes measures to curb fake news

Written by  Jan 21, 2019

In an attempt to stop the flow of fake news across its platform the popular messaging application “WhatsApp” has brought in new stricter measures. Messages can now only be forwarded on by users a maximum of five times, as opposed to the 20 times until now, in a move the Facebook-owned app believes will cut down on the spreading of fake news.

Up to 256 people can be enrolled in a WhatsApp group so after this new move messages could theoretically be forwarded on to 1,280 other people. “The forward limit significantly reduced forwarded messages around the world," added a statement from the company.

The restriction comes at a time WhatsApp and Facebook's other services are under scrutiny for their role in the spread of propaganda and other untruths online. Last week, Facebook announced it had removed 500 pages and accounts allegedly involved in peddling fake news in Central Europe, Ukraine and other Eastern European nations.

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