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4 Signs Of A Reliable DWI Attorney Rochester NY

Written by  Jan 17, 2019

Time may not be at your side after you’ve been charged with a DWI (driving with intoxication) offense in Rochester New York, especially if you got involved in an accident. The other party, for instance, may also be working on all possible ways to make sure you’ll get what you deserve under the law.

That in mind, you also need to get legal representation as fast as you can. However, you’ll not know if the person handling your case is capable of protecting your rights without learning how to spot them.

Read on this article as it provides the four signs of a reliable DWI attorney in Rochester NY.

1. Experience

When dealing with a DWI case, it is essential to consult an attorney who has valuable experience and a good reputation. That’s because you want the best person to safeguard your interests especially when your freedom is hanging the balance.

If you’re looking for a strong legal advocacy like the ones offered by The DWI Guys, don’t forget to factor out the attorney’s experience.

A trustworthy DWI attorney has a proven track record of winnings and successes in the field of criminal law. Using their years of experience, they can come up with a solid defense that protects your rights and well-being throughout the litigation.

2. Recognition

The legal profession has several prestigious and professional organizations that are dedicated to assessing lawyers’ performances across Rochester NY.

If you’re searching for someone who’s committed to advocate for you in all legal proceedings, look for an attorney who has received plenty of recognition from well-known legal organizations such as Avvo and National Trial Lawyers. That way, you can be sure that the person taking care of your DWI case is trustworthy.


3. Attributes

Attorneys are also responsible for defending the rights of those who are arrested or charged with a crime. Although people may see them with contempt, they still play an essential role in winning the cases for their clients. Below are the attributes that you need to look for in an attorney:

● Research Skills – A good DWI lawyer knows how to research other cases as well as circumstances that may help increase your chances of winning. They should familiarize the location’s driving and road-traveling tips to understand the situation.

For example, if you’re caught in Croatia for drunk driving, the lawyer should research and come up with the assemblage of driving tips in Croatia to make sure they don’t miss anything in creating a good defense for you.

● Negotiation Skills – With an overwhelming number of out-of-court settlements, it’s important to find an attorney who can give you the best possible deal for your settlement claim.

● Perseverance – They will do everything in their power to defend you in court. They should get the most out of every opportunity to convince the jury and make sure that all possible appeals are exhausted if you’ll be found guilty.

● Knowledge – Handing a DWI case can be a complicated and confusing process. That’s why it’s important for an attorney to know the intricacies of the DUI/DWI law. They should also have a better understanding of the personalities of the judges presiding the case as well as the opposing prosecutors.

● Integrity – As a person whose task is to defend you, a reasonable attorney should possess a high level of integrity. This means they should be transparent and honest in keeping you informed about any update of your case, as well as the possible outcome of the proceedings.

● Analytical Skills – Make sure the attorney you’ll get should be thinking at all times. They should have a sharp mind and the ability to make quick judgments with regards to negotiating a settlement or challenging the prosecution.

● Communication Skills – Your attorney should be an excellent communicator in and out of the courtroom. Also, their ability to write briefs and other legal documents should also be of high caliber.

● Caring – They shouldn’t only advocate for your rights, but they should also care about you, your family and the legal consequences of the judgment. Remember, a guilty verdict can mean jail time, suspension or revocation of professional licenses, and other effects.

4. Locality

A reliable DWI attorney is someone you can connect and work closely with your case. This means you should have a local lawyer who will handle your situation.

For example, if you’re living in Rochester NY, look for someone who’s also practicing within your locality. That way, you can be sure that your lawyer can understand your needs and viewpoints.


Nobody wants to be charged with a DWI crime. Thinking about the short-term and long-term legal consequences, you may find yourself in a miserable situation. Thus, if you’ve been arrested for driving while intoxicated in Rochester NY, keep these things in mind to ensure you’ve got a reliable attorney.

Having them on your side can improve your chances of getting your life back once you’ve obtained a favorable verdict.



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