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Fresh Air Living Index: The Best Countries for Outdoor Enthusiasts to Live

By  Jan 11, 2019

From UNESCO sites to air pollution, the website cool camping has pulled together the statistics to reveal the best countries in the world for living life in the great outdoors.

“At Cool Camping we love the great outdoors and, for us, time outside is about much more than just weekend camping holidays. From hiking and biking, to simply getting out into the countryside and exploring new places, we know (and studies have shown) that time outdoors helps us live happier, healthier lives,” writes the website. Adding “Compiled by analysing a variety of factors that we believe any right-minded outdoor enthusiast would find important, our Fresh Air Living Index identifies which countries around the world best meet the criteria, then brings every outdoor factor together in an overall ranking. Important factors include the number of natural UNESCO sites a country has, the average level of air pollution and the number of recognised, long-distance hiking routes available to trek.”

And their list of the best places to enjoy an al fresco way of life sees Croatia coming in at an impressive 18th position. The Fresh Air Living Index ranks the best places for outdoor enthusiasts to live, 365 days of the year. The ranking was comprised by analysing a variety of factors including: Adventure experiences, Natural UNESCO sites, Hiking routes, Attractiveness of natural assets and Level of air pollution.

Spain was ranked as the number one destination for outdoor enthusiasts after it ranked highly in almost every category. And Croatia came in at 18th position, sandwiched between Austria and Norway, and ahead of countries such as the UK and South Africa.

The overall results by continent are

Best country for outdoor enthusiasts in Africa: South Africa

Best country for outdoor enthusiasts in Europe: Spain

Best country for outdoor enthusiasts in South America: Chile

Best country for outdoor enthusiasts in Asia: Thailand

Best country for outdoor enthusiasts in North America: Costa Rica

Best country for outdoor enthusiasts in Oceania: New Zealand


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