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Most popular baby names of 2018

By  Dec 31, 2018

Sophia tops the top ten list of the lost popular girl’s names in 2018 whilst for the boys Jackson comes in at number one. The figures are in for 2018 for the most popular baby names of 2018.

Sophia moves up from fourth position in 2018 to the top spot this year. According to the website the most popular baby names in 2018 across the world sees Liam drop off the top position to be replaces by Jackson.

With a royal baby on the way for 2019 this list could see changes next year. The top picks from the bookmakers for Meghan and Harry, whose baby is expected in the spring, are Victoria, Alice and Elizabeth whilst for a boy Alexander, Albert and Charles top the list.

Most Popular Girl Names of 2018

1. Sophia
2. Olivia
3. Emma
4. Ava
5. Isabella
6. Aria
7. Riley
8. Amelia
9. Mia
10. Layla

Most Popular Boy Names of 2018

1. Jackson
2. Liam
3. Noah
4. Aiden
5. Caden
6. Grayson
7. Lucas
8. Mason
9. Oliver
10. Elijah

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