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Boxing Day sales open Boxing Day sales open

Sales open today – pick up a Boxing Day deal

By  Dec 26, 2018

Christmas day is only just behind us and already the stores, shopping centres and online retail giants are offering their St. Stephen’s Day, or Boxing Day sales. The USA and Great Britain led the way on a global scale for post-Christmas discounts and many of the online stores, such as Amazon, sent at millions of e-mails this morning advertising huge discounts. In fact, research carried out by the UK bank Barclays has shown that Boxing Day is the most popular day for shopping during the Christmas period.

Croatia is a step behind, or a day behind, as far as the sales are concerned and the vast majority of the shops throughout the country have started advertising sales starting on the 27th of December. The Croatian Chamber of Commerce have announced that they expect prices to be reduced by between 20 and 50 percent for these post-Christmas sales.

- Practice has shown that domestic traders have been following European retailers' tendencies for seasonal retail sales in the last few years, and there has been an increasing fall in prices. In addition, the deadlines have been harmonized so our customers no longer go so far as to buy in other countries in the environment - explained Tomislav Ravlić, Director of the Chamber of Commerce of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

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