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The Beauty Of Monogram Necklaces and How To Match Them With Your Outfit

Written by  Nov 28, 2018

Accessories can either make or break your outfit, and in most cases, you can complete any look by wearing a beautiful monogram necklace. Monogram jewelry is usually designed with the wearer's initials or any other unique customized design. It is a perfect complement to your outfit for everyday wear and any special occasion.

The Beauty Of Monogram Necklaces and How To Match Them With Your Outfit

Monogram Necklace Gift Ideas for Any Event

Monogram jewelry became popular in the 1970’s and it is becoming a trend once again in recent years. Monogram jewelry is a fun and trendy option for your necklaces, rings, and earrings. It is a perfect gift for someone special, most especially for those who love the vintage or retro style. While some people prefer to stick with basic jewelry design, you can choose different colors to match your outfit.

Aside from your initials, you can use any symbol or letters to design monogram jewelry. While you can design your monogram necklace, you can also find beautiful pieces online, such as Getnamenecklace Exclusive Monogram Necklaces. You can choose from different styles, colors, and materials, from silver, white gold, to yellow gold to match your outfit.

1. Monogram necklaces are not new to us because they have existed for quite some time. If you're buying a gift for your best friend who is known as the new Hashtag Queen, you get her with a hashtag monogram necklace in her favorite color. You might be surprised her wearing it on her next summer travel adventure with her favorite floral dress!

2. Look and feel glamorous with a personalized gothic-inspired choker necklace or a double-layered monogram necklace in gold. It will surely be a perfect match for an all-black evening dress to catch everyone's attention.

3. For a new mom, you may want a necklace in pink or blue with your first born's date of the birth. You can wear it on your child's christening and hand it as a keepsake in the future, so your child can wear it when he or she grows older. It will be a great addition to your all-white outfit!

4. If you are a Taylor Swift fan, you'll be delighted to wear a personalized monogram necklace inspired by the celebrity! Wear it with your favorite pink tea, skinny jeans, and wedge heels to look sexy and fabulous like your favorite superstar. Stand out from a night out, concert, or all-day partying!

5. If you prefer plain and simple, a birthstone monogram necklace made of sterling silver is your best choice. You can wear it every day with your work uniform or casual attire. It will surely brighten your day because it reminds you of your special day ever.

6. For children and teenagers, monogram emoji necklaces are trendy. Whether they are wearing casual clothes or formal attire, you'll find a monogram necklace to match and complete their look. Have your child's name engraved in a monogram necklace to keep him safe and identified too! They can wear it in school or family get together and other special celebrations. They look cool!

7. Men also wear monogram necklaces. These jewelry pieces can match any wardrobe such as a simple white shirt and ripped jeans or even the formal long sleeves and slacks. Younger men love monogram necklaces made of sterling silver while older and professional men prefer gold. You can choose a 925 sterling silver or stainless steel platinum for your brother or dad.

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Aesthetics and Etiquette of Designing Monogram Gifts

Monogram jewelry is a customized gift that usually bears with the wearer's initials. When you're personalizing a special gift with a monogram, it's important to keep in mind certain etiquette to ensure that the letters are correct and in proper order.

For a single woman, monogram etiquette requires that the initials should be ordered first and the initial of the last name should be slightly larger than the rest. For a married woman, you can keep the same order as if you were still single or following the proper order of first name initial, married name initial, and finally the middle name initial. For any married option, the center initial should be slightly larger as compared to the opposing sides.

Modern and Retro at the Same Time

It is time to try a different style when it comes to fashion. Monogram necklaces can make you stand out in a crowd. It is a perfect combination of modern and retro style. Whether you want a simple design or a sophisticated and elegant look, a monogram necklace can help you achieve the look you want to match your everyday outfit!

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