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Collect your stamps and help this worthy charity Collect your stamps and help this worthy charity

Save your Christmas stamps and raise money for Bone Cancer Trust

By  Nov 27, 2018

Small stamps, large stamps, old stamps, new stamps, franked & international stamps... we want your stamps! Collecting used stamps is an easy way to raise money and save lives.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is looking for support for their 2018 Stamp Appeal. The Bone Cancer Research Trust are the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer, and now you can do your part to help.

“It’s so easy for your readers to get involved, we would like to ask them to save used and new postage stamps from the UK and overseas, any amount at any time of the year is very much appreciated. In 2018, we are aiming to raise at least £30,000 just from stamps and stamp collections,” commented the UK based charity.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust is the leading charity dedicated to fighting primary bone cancer and they need your help! Please save your new and used stamps for their Stamp Appeal. Christmas is coming and you may be getting lots of lovely Christmas cards, or maybe there’s a birthday coming up, or even your workplace receives lots of post! Instead of throwing stamps away, send them to the Bone Cancer Research Trust Stamp Appeal and they can turn your stamps into funds, so they can continue with their life-saving research, providing reliable information, raising crucial awareness as well as offering support to those who need it.

All you need to do is cut or carefully tear the stamped corner from any envelope or package that you receive and start a collection - just remember to leave a 1cm border around the stamp.

Invite your friends and family to join in and once you have a large bundle, bag them up and send them to our Stamp Appeal volunteer Terri at:

BCRT Stamp Appeal
20 Bowers Road

Find out more at

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