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Letters to the Editor - Croatian-American veteran family needs our help

By  Nov 13, 2018

The Newman-Knotek's a Croatian-American veteran family needs our help here in the DC metro area. Please read, contribute and share this story if you can. This is not a hoax, the Newman-Knotek family is known by everyone in the Croatian community in the DC area. They are very active volunteers participating in all of the events of our community.

Here's their story, "Sanja Knotek-Newman has served from forgotten villages in Croatia as a kid and musician, then throughout the Homeland War in Croatia during the 1990's, by running humanitarian and UN and US Army missions until she came to the US to finish her degree. As she trained Special Forces for better service in Bosnia, she met her husband, William Newman, who led US military forces as a combat camera active military member, while she served as a military spouse activist and supporter. Some 5 years ago, William was disabled in Afghanistan and was medically discharged while the family was away from home. He was honoured with a Bronze Star medal for a previous deployment in Iraq.

After being homeless, with no income for over a year, with 2 small kids and all the debt that they have accumulated by moving every year during his 16 years of service in the US armed forces, they have been trying to keep afloat by Sanja working 4 jobs, full-time and temporary, and again serving the Croatian community in the Washington, DC area as a Croatian court and medical interpreter.

Sanja began having back and leg pain in 2016. After many medical examinations and scans, she was finally diagnosed with several benign tumours, one 14 cm in size, that will require surgery on Friday, November 16. She has been having severe pain in her back, kidneys and bladder. Her surgery and recovery will require her to be off work for a few months. With prior and future medical bills for both Sanja and William and mortgage payments past due, her being out of work means she and her family could lose everything. At the same time, another family member is in need of medical treatment. The expense of this and Sanja's surgery puts a very heavy burden on this family.

So we are asking on behalf of Sanja, her husband and their two daughters for your support to address this Croatian American family needs. Please consider a one-time donation to help their urgent financial needs and help them get back on their feet. Your prayers and generosity are greatly appreciated."

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