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Cosy interior of Bistro Tavulin Cosy interior of Bistro Tavulin

Bistro Tavulin – fine food in the very heart of the Old City of Dubrovnik

By  Oct 30, 2018

The old real estate adage of location, location, location is just as true when talking about restaurants. And the Bistro Tavulin in Dubrovnik is in prime location.

We could give you the address of Bistro Tavulin to help you find it but you won’t need it. One of the most important landmarks in the historic walled city of Dubrovnik is the iconic St. Blaise Church. It is literally slap bang in the heart of the city and dominates the skyline from any angle. And Bistro Tavulin is directly behind it. And by directly we really mean directly. You’ll have lunch touching the stone walls of this ancient church.

bistro dubrovnik tavulin

Creative colours of Bistro Tavulin 

And what a lunch you’ll have in this stunning restaurant. In fact, Tavulin Bistro is one of the very few eateries in the whole of Dubrovnik that is listed in the Michelin Guide. Yes, a Michelin restaurant in the very heart of the Old City, how can you go wrong. In fact, Michelin wrote on their guide that Tavulin is “Aimed at tourists but offering more than your typical bistro is this old town restaurant with its rustic beamed dining room and neatly set pavement tables. The concise menu offers classic Croatian dishes with subtle modern touches and a Mediterranean edge the set four course 'Dubrovnik Dinner' is a steal.”

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Whether you decide to go al fresco in the Mediterranean sunshine or snuggle up in the cosy dining room Bistro Tavulin will be a good choice. You are having lunch or dinner in the centre of the city, in fact sitting amongst thousand-year old history, and yet you are tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Dubrovnik life.

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bistro tavulin hamburger

The menu is traditionally Dubrovnik inspired by with a great funky twist brought on by a creative chef. We especially love the fact that the menu highlights the traditional Dubrovnik dishes. Just look for the sign, or emblem, of the City of Dubrovnik, on the menu next to a meal and you’ll know that you are tasting real Dubrovnik cooking. And with À la carte meals starting from as little as 200 Kuna you’re also not going to break the bank.

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How's that for a central location! 

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