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Recycle your plastic bottle and get a free bus ride

By  Oct 15, 2018

Recycling and green living are sure to be even more important in the coming years with experts that as close as 2030 our planet will get even warmer. Plastic, especially plastic bottles, are certainly one of the main pollution problems and whilst Croatia has decided to refund anyone who hands in a plastic bottle to a recycling drop-off point some countries have been slightly more creative.

Don’t forget that everything we throw today, we will eat, drink or breathe tomorrow

Here are just some of the ideas that other countries have created to help save the planet from plastic bottles.

1. Beijing has special metro machines that accept plastic bottles as a method of payment.

2. You can pay for the bus in some Indonesian cities with plastic bottles. In Surabaya, you get two hours’ drive bus ride for recycling a plastic bottle.

3. In Istanbul residents can exchange plastic waste for credit on a metro card or some other form of public transport.

4. Sydney also has machines for recycling bottles, and after inserting plastic, in turn, throws out tickets for the bus or the cinema.

This interesting article was published today by and shows that there are many ways to recycle.

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