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Octopus salad doubles in prices as demand rises

By  Aug 19, 2018

Your octopus salad whilst sitting with a view over the Adriatic could well cost you double in the future. Whether cut into slices as the Japanese like it, served in a salad or grilled on the BBQ octopus as a meal is becoming a victim of its own success. The global growth for this delicious seafood is at its highest ever and over the past two years the price of octopus has doubled. Octopus in Dubrovnik is a particularly sought after dish with the majority coming from the Adriatic Sea.

Unlike fish or some form of seafood it has proved very difficult to farm grow octopus so the global market relies on catching them in the open sea, however this year’s catch is proving weaker than normal and combined with the higher demand for this healthy seafood has led to a huge increase in prices.

The value of a normally large octopus caught by local fishermen increased from 7 euros to 14 euros per kilogram over the last two years. Typically, the price is higher in other countries, such as the US, which are not specialized in capturing octopus.

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has announced that it expects prices to continue to grow with the rumour that demand is growing in virtually all major markets, including Japan, the US, China and Europe.

Scientists in Japan and Spain are working on oyster farming techniques that they hope to adopt to farming octopus but are not ready for work yet.

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