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Green Sail highlighting the problems of “black water” in the Adriatic

By  Aug 06, 2018

Green Sail, an organization that creates a platform for the development of nautical tourism by suggesting preventive and corrective measures for Croatian marinas and charters, filmed a video about the problem of releasing black water from different types of vessels in Croatia.

Numerous charter companies, marinas and other tourist companies in Croatia have been delighted to promote green practices to their employees, associates and guests after British company, Sail Croatia, founded the Green Sail initiative, following the lead of other Western countries. The interest to participate was also demonstrated by other institutions and organizations in the region who assessed the initiative's programs as those of great quality.

Nowadays, marine pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems and it can have serious consequences on the living conditions of marine flora and fauna. Although the nautical sector faces numerous other problems, it should not be neglected that the sea can be polluted by pathogens, nutrients, chemicals, detergents, pesticides and heavy metals from faecal wastewater. This can lead to many health problems and at the same time, can jeopardize marine systems and the economy.


The current practice of releasing faecal waters from vessels has been discussed with the Head of the Department of Maritime Studies at the University of Dubrovnik, Žarko Koboević (PhD). He pointed out that the process of education and raising people’s awareness about this issue is quite slow. "Croatian legislation does not have strict or detailed regulations as to how far away from the shore certain waste can be discharged without being sanctioned", says Professor Koboević, who wrote his doctoral thesis on "The Model of Sea Pollution by Black Waters from Vessels".

The safe discharge of black tanks in marinas is rare due to the small number of marinas that offer this service. A lot more needs to be done and it is only precise laws and enhanced controls that can make the necessary changes to the discharge of faecal water from vessels across the Adriatic coast.

Green Sail is a non-profit initiative founded to promote sustainable tourism and environmentally friendly practices within the nautical sector, as well as to prevent pollution of the sea and the marine environment.

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