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Whizzing over the Dubrovnik coastline Whizzing over the Dubrovnik coastline Zipline Dubrovnik

Zipline Dubrovnik – make thrilling memories to last a lifetime in Dubrovnik

By  Jun 24, 2018

Looking for a thrill-seeking time in Dubrovnik that you’ll never forget – look no further. The latest, and quite possibly most exciting, attraction in Dubrovnik is Zipline Dubrovnik.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, an adventure hunter or just want to have a whole new experience then Zipline Dubrovnik has it all in bundles. You’ll “fly” high over one of the most picturesque beaches in the region and have unbelievable views over the twinkling turquoise Adriatic and the green islands on the horizon.

Located within easy reach of the city the Zipline Dubrovnik is the newest attraction and without doubt it’s a journey that will be memorable.

zipline dubrovnik platform

It all starts with a training course, yes these guys take this all very seriously, that is held by the Zipline team near the take-off point. The experienced and fully licensed guides will slowly lead you through all the steps you’ll need. At the base camp you’ll get accustomed with the harness, helmet and most importantly how to brake correctly. There is even a mini version of the Zipline so you can have a few practise runs before you take on the big one.

zip line training

Now, you are ready for the flight of your life, the first Zipline in Dubrovnik. At 250 metres in length and roughly 60 metres above the shoreline it certainly is an impressive sight as you stand ready to speed over the beach.

It’s safety and security all the way as one guide leads you to the start point, and the others wait at the finish line, you’re in confident hands. You are clipped onto the wire and ready to go. It is an amazing feeling as you flash through the air. And then at the other end you’ll see the friendly face of the other guides explaining when to brake.

zipline dubrovnik logo

Rushing through the Dubrovnik sky at 50 km/h or just over 30 mph the sound of the air rushing past fills your ears…a truly unique and enjoyable treat. The whole experience lasts for around an hour and it is an hour you’ll remember for many years to come.

Located in Vrbica the Zipline Dubrovnik has a meeting point with free parking if you are coming by car. It is roughly 3 kilometres from the Dubrovnik Bridge is you are heading towards Split. If you are coming by bus (numbers 12, 15, 21, 22, 26 and 35) then get off at the bus stop in Vrbica just a few metres from the meeting point.

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Fact File

Location – Vrbica – Tri Brata beach

Cost - Price of a zipline tour is 300 Kuna (40€) per person (cash only)

Price includes – Equipment, water, training course, 2 guides and a ride on the Zipline

Contact details - Mob/SMS/Whatsapp: +385 95 797 0843 - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Facebook/Messenger: @ziplinedubrovnik

Booking details – groups are from 2 – 8 people if you want to bring a larger group please contact in advance – you’ll need to book at least two days in advance

Tips from the Zipline team

Zipline is activity in nature so please bring a sport shoes and sport wear. It will be much easier for you to walk on a natural terrain.

Make sure you take enough water because tour lasts for aprox. one hour and during the summer days, temperature can rise.

If you have action camera make sure you bring your helmet mounts or hand mounts with you (we have gopro sticker mount) because your both hands should be on a brake so you are not able to take pictures while riding. Our guides will be happy to take a picture for you if you want to :)

Be aware that we will be in nature, so restroom will not be provided once you get to us.

Please follow the rules and instructions of our guides because only then you will have fun and be safe at the same time.

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