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2 CELLOS JUNIOR - Luka Sulic’s son takes a first swim

By  Jun 05, 2018

Luka Sulic, the famous musician from 2Cellos with Dubrovnik roots and his wife Tamara Zagoranski became parents in November last year. Now has come the time for baby boy Val to take his first dip!

Sadly, he didn't experience his first swim in beautiful Dubrovnik, so close to Luka's heart – because it's his father hometown. Instead, he went into sea of Izola, Slovenia.

- First swim with Val. The sea is in our blood – wrote Luka at his official instagram profile. 2Cellos musician will surely visit Dubrovnik with his little boy. His fans were delighted and photo has over 18 thousand likes.

Just a reminder, 2Cellos are 2 young Croatian cellists Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser. They are famous for taking cello to new level – they have no limits and they are equally good in preforming Bach, Vivaldi, as well as AC/DC.

They are mostly on tour, so these daddy-son moments are truly precious. Can't wait for them to come to Dubrovnik!

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