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Easter in Dubrovnik Easter in Dubrovnik

Easter in Dubrovnik - a time of awakening

By  Mar 29, 2018

One of the most important dates on the calendar in Dubrovnik is Easter. It is a time to respect the traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation for centuries.

Easter is a time that symbolises the birth of nature, a time when plants start to bud, when trees show their blossom, and it is a time for new life. This new life brought the custom of giving eggs and in Dubrovnik this custom has kept its original roots. Hand painted eggs are still given to loved ones at this time of year. Care and attention is paid to every small detail. These eggs are like little masterpieces. Often the eggs carry messages such as “I give my heart to you” or “Bless you at Easter”.

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On Palm Sunday it is traditional to take plaited palm leaves to church. This particular custom is specific to Dalmatia and you often see plaited palm leaves decorating houses. Still today families teach their children the art of weaving the palm leaves. A special cake is also prepared at this time the Pinca. This cake is a like a sweet bread and rather plain.

Guests to the city at Easter will be delighted with the ancient customs that are still alive today. The feeling of a birth of a new life can be sensed everywhere. Warmer days are on the way and the city awakes from the winter slumber. Easter Sunday morning in the old city is the time when you’ll see just how much this day means to Dubrovnik.

Easter in Dubrovnik – respecting customs and a new beginning

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