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Lego goes green Lego goes green

New eco-friendly Lego is coming to Croatia

By  Mar 06, 2018

One of the world’s most powerful brands has decided to go completely ‘’eco’’.

The Danish Lego Group has confirmed that they are in the process of creating an entire line of ecological and recycled bricks and figurines for children’s play.

The cult manufacturer of the most popular playing interlocking bricks decided to create bricks that are made through sustainable processes but which can also be easily recycled. New Lego bricks will be available in various shapes and figurines such as trees, bushes, leaves and similar vegetation.

The main goal of the Lego Group is to make all lines and bricks eco friendly by 2030. This line is the first step in that direction. Bricks and figurines are being made of polyethylene, soft and durable plastic based on sugar cane from Brasil in a maximum sustainable process. They do not differ from conventional figurines and meet all the parameters and standards of the former Lego figurines and sets.

We are looking forward to see the first ‘’eco’’ Lego figurines and bricks in Croatian stores but in the meanwhile you can check this interesting Lego video